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Sotaku.com sets forth the Terms of Use, that apply to your use of Sotaku.com and all its affiliate websites. By using this site, you agree to observe these Terms. This Agreement will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of P.R.C.

1. Ownership and Copyright:
Except as otherwise indicated, Sotaku.com is the owner of the copyright of all contents (text, images, graphics, animation, audio, video) contained herein. No part may be reproduced, copied or transmitted, in any form or by any means (such as electronic, mechanical, micro-copying, photocopying, recording, storage in a retrieval system or otherwise) without its prior written permission. All rights are reserved.

If you wish to use or license any material on this site, please contact us.

2. Sotaku User Agreement:
The Community may contain and allow its users to post threads, reviews, photos and upload video(s) of their  experiences. It is a condition of your use of the service that you signify your thorough agreement with all the rules and guidelines here:

1) You consent not to use this Website to:

a) submit, post or transmit any content or any hypersensitive topics which are unlawful, violent, defamatory, harassing, threatening, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, or otherwise indecent.
b) submit, post or transmit any content which is libelous, abusive or tortuous that may do harm to a third party or the other members of the Community.
c) submit, post or transmit any inflammatory content which may violate any local or international laws or regulations or result in serious threat to public security.
d) submit, post or transmit any content which contains racial discrimination or otherwise discriminate against person(s) on the basis of color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nation, region, deformity or social economic condition.
e) submit, post or transmit any content which infringes or rather violates the intellectual rights of any third party.
f) submit, post or transmit any content (or anything contrary to our Privacy Policy ) which reveals the personal information of any third party (including phone numbers, real names and email addresses).
g) submit, post or transmit any kind of advertisements which are solely for commercial purpose.
h) submit, post or transmit any content which contains viruses, software or program alike that may lead to the damage of the whole Community.
i) submit, post or transmit any content which contains excessively coarse language.
j) submit, post or transmit any content which impersonates or misrepresents your profile with any other third party.

2) Sotaku.com reserves sole and absolute discretion to remove or delete your posts, reviews, photos or videos without prior notice if in violation of the User Agreement. Members who violate the User Agreement may have their membership terminated, account revoked, services cancelled and their pages and materials, or portions thereof, suspended, deleted or removed without warning. No material will be returned to a member. We are not responsible for any loss of your data resulting from removal of member material. We also reserve the right to permanently block repeated offenders from accessing the Community and their activity will be reported to their internet access provider.

3) Sotaku.com does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of the content of the posts, reviews, photos or videos. Neither are we liable for any kind of loss (psychological, physical or economic) caused by any use or acceptance of the information on the Community. You trust the information at your own risk.

4) All the postings are your sole viewpoints. Posts, reviews, photos or videos do not express the opinions or judgment of Sotaku.com. Once you have made a contribution on the Community, at any time, you consent to us dealing with it as we consider appropriate.

5) Sotaku.com is not responsible for any kind of compensation and related liability legal or otherwise for any loss of personal data, service interruption or stoppage caused by your actions whether intended or unintentional or any other reasons (including system maintenance and upgrade).

6) Sotaku.com is not required to censor the originality of your articles, statements, viewpoints, opinions, pictures or videos. We accept all postings as original work. You are required to give a clear indication when quoting or transmitting articles, statements, viewpoints, opinions, pictures or videos of a third party, giving due acknowledgement to the source of such material. We reserves the right to edit, copy, publish or distribute any of your postings (except those that bear a copyright notice) for other purposes in the Community. Any kind of entanglement related with copyright is left for your own responsibility.

7) Sotaku.com encourages you to upload your pictures or videos to share with other members. We suggest that you only upload pictures or videos related to CHINA TRAVEL. As this is a Travel Community we seek to keep our forum and its content ‘on topic’ for that reason any photographs and videos of an entirely personal nature may be deleted at our discretion.

8) You are precluded from employing data and/or any other content on Sotaku.com for anything other than your own personal use. Should you wish to publish of distribute any such content you are required to obtain written permission from Sotaku.com. We reserve the right to protect our interest by all legal means at our disposal.

9) Sotaku.com has the right at any time to change or discontinue any aspect or feature of the User Agreement without prior notice. We suggest you to refer to the User Agreement whenever you login so that you may be aware of any changes as your use of the Community following any such changes shall be deemed to be with a complete and nonnegotiable acceptance thereof.
10) Please do obey Forum Rules once you submit posts and replies in China Travel Forums.

3. Use of contents on Sotaku.com:
Sotaku.com reserves sole discretion to decide whether the content or material is prohibited on the Site and has the absolute right (but not the obligation) to delete, move and edit content and material.

You are solely responsible and liable for all content posted on and stored in the website of Sotaku.com and its all affiliates.

You grant Sotaku.com and its affiliates a royalty-free, perpetual, universal, non-exclusive right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from and distribute any materials provided by you, through member pages, message boards, forums and others alike. You are the legal owner of the copyright to all materials you submitted or that you have permission from the copyright owner to submit the materials to Sotaku.com.

We may, at any time and without advance notice or liability, terminate or restrict your access to all or any component of our site. Members who violate the Terms of Use may have their membership terminated, revoked, services cancelled and their pages and materials, or portions thereof, suspended, deleted or removed without warning. We will not return removed materials to a member, nor responsible for any loss of data resulting from the removal.

Sotaku.com suggests all members to maintain backup versions of their pages and materials to guard against losses of any kind. We are not responsible for any loss of data and/or files, nor is it required to return any data, resulting from the website’s suspension or deletion of data and/or files, network or system outages, file corruption or for any other reason.

4. Privacy:
Your use of our site is subject to our Privacy Policy. You have read that privacy policy and it is reasonable and acceptable to you. Your acceptance of these Terms is also your consent to the information practices in our privacy policy.

5. Links:
We reserves the right to reject or remove links to any web site if we find the site content inappropriate. Links to web sites outside the Sotaku.com website are provided for convenience and information only, and we assume no responsibility for their content. We does not endorse the content of its link partners’ sites, which may contain objectionable materials to certain people. We are not responsible for such contents and any loss resulting from them.

6. Disclaimer:
We use our best efforts to maintain the website, but does not accept any responsibility for defects that may be found to exist therein, or any loss of profits or other consequential damages that may result from such defects. You should not assume that Sotaku.com is error-free or that it will be suitable for the particular purpose that you have in mind when using it.

7. Copyright Violations:
If a clear copyright, trademark, patent, publicity rights, or other infringement comes to the attention of Sotaku.com, we reserves the right to delete all infringing files and terminate the user’s membership without receiving a complaint from the person whose rights have been infringed.

If you believe that your material or the material of another has been wrongfully copied, please provide us with a notice containing the following information:
Your name, address, email address and telephone number;
Identification of where the material that you claim is an infringement is located on the site (i.e., the complete URL);
Identification of the copyrighted work or other intellectual property that you claim has been infringed;
An electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright or other intellectual property interest;
A statement by you that the above information in your notice is accurate and a statement, under penalty of perjury, that you are the copyright or intellectual property owner or authorized to act on the copyright or intellectual property owner’s behalf.

Upon notice of a potential copyright infringement, we will immediately delete or suspend access to the infringing material.

Sotaku.com reserves the right to amend the Terms of Use at any time, for any reason, and without notice.