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Gintama, The Complete Skippable Episode Guide

Hi there! This guide is for those of you who are wondering “When does Gintama get good?” It is meant to pick out the best and most relevant episodes of the series. First of all, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone reading this to try and watch every episode first before you refer to this guide because this show is a comedy first, and an action series later. This guide will help you skip through a lot of it if you’re having trouble getting through the slower parts of the show so you can get to the “good” parts or as us Gintama fans call, the “Serious Arcs” where most of the action and drama takes place. These arcs are only as good as they are because they put the fun carefree characters we know and love that spend their days doing stupid things in very real dramatic situations and shifts the tone of the show completely. Also, you should be aware that the first 50 episodes of this anime are by far the weakest episodes in the series, so you should be good after you get through these episodes. Remember, Gintama is not supposed to be approached with a “binge” mindset, but more of a weekly sitcom mindset. As much as I love this series, even I can’t binge through a large amount of comedy episodes, but the serious arcs are very worth binging. Slow and steady is a good pace to watch this anime at and it rewards you for it greatly. Some episodes that I may title as “not necessary”,are just personal favorites of mine, which I still would recommend to watch.

Also, please try and refrain from using this guide past episode 61 because I really want people to truly appreciate this show, but if you must use this guide then so be it 🙁  

World-Building, Understanding inside jokes, getting to know major side characters:

These episodes set up the world we know and are necessary to get the full experience of the later serious and semi serious arcs. REMEMBER DON’T WATCH EPISODES 1 AND 2 THEY ARE JUST BAD. THEY ARE NOT PLOT RELEVANT AT ALL AND ARE JUST CELEBRATORY FILLER FOR THE MANGA RECEIVING AN ANIME. THEY’RE NOT EVEN FUNNY.

3-10, 12-15, 17, 22-24, 27-28, 31-32(Memory Loss Arc), 36, 39-45, 47, 50-52

57 episodes reduced to 32 episodes until Benizakura Arc.

Yes, it does take awhile to set up this world, but all this setup pays off when the first serious arc hits. Don’t worry about rushing through these episodes. It took me half a year to get through them (without skipping) but I regret nothing.

(Benizakura Arc) 58-61, The first serious arc of the series and the arc that hook many people into the show. Complete tone shift and where first major conflicts happen. This arc was remastered into a movie with added scenes and amazing animation which you can watch instead of the episodes.

At this point you SHOULD start watching every episode because the comedy is much better than the start of the series. This is because at this point, you should know the characters now and their jokes and running gags will start to make more sense to you. However, if you still don’t want to, then the guide continues. Remember at any time you want, you may start to watch every episode.

62 (Aftermath of benizakura)

(Fuyo Arc) 69-71 (A semi serious arc that introduces a new character)

(Yagyuu Arc) 76-81 (Another semi serious arc that introduces a new character)

83 (First episode with the Shogun, and every episode with the Shogun is hilarious)

84-85 (Hardboiled Detective Arc. I honestly didn’t like this arc very much. Had a LOT of trouble getting through episode 84, but 85 is funny. Introduces a side character that will reappear in episode 310)

86-87 (Important mini-arc and good)

91 (Honestly, you need a few comedy episodes sprinkled throughout)

94-95 (Not necessary but generally episodes revolving around Hasegawa are pretty good)

97 (Focuses on Catherine’s past)

98-99 (Not necessary but lots and lots of Nintendo parodies are here)

Around 40 episodes reduced to 21 from Benizakura to Shinsengumi Crisis.

(Shinsengumi in Crisis Arc) 101-105 Good job you made it! The 2nd serious arc is here. Don’t be fooled it may start off weird but it gets real good real fast. Focuses on the Shinsengumi and some of their backstory.

Now you should be watching every episode…but if not, then here we go again.

107-108 (This arc is not necessary, but it’s pretty deep.)

109 (Not necessary but Jackie Chan and Samo Hung are in this episode so you may watch if you want)

112 (Not necessary but Tama is in it and we haven’t seen Tama since episode 71)

119 (The first Dragon Ball parody of the series for you Dragon Ball fans)

121-123 (Monster Hunter Parody, funny, but not necessary)

126-128 (hilarious arc, HIGHLY recommend watching)

131-134 Ghost Ryokkan Arc (Semi serious arc that parodies JoJo)

35 episodes reduced to 15 from Shinsengumi Crisis to Yoshiwara in Flames

(Yoshiwara In Flames Arc) 139-146 Holy hell here we go. The third serious arc. Introduces many new characters including best girl in the series. Although Benizakura is known as the arc that hooks you into Gintama, this arc is known not just for shifting the tone of the show, but for elevating the scale of things to a whole new level. Fantastic arc, please enjoy.

So uhh, why are you still here? After Yoshiwara in Flames you still don’t want to watch every episode from here on? Well, guess the guide continues.

148-149 (Saw parody, not necessary, but funny)

151-152 (The Shogun is back! Hilarious episodes. Highly recommend watching)

154 (Just realized Kyubei hasn’t appeared much throughout this guide since she was introduced in episodes 76-81 so here’s a Kyubei episode)

156 (Not necessary, but for Otae and Gin shippers out there this episode is for you)

(Otsu Arc) 157-163 This arc is almost as long as Yoshiwara In Flames, but it’s pure comedy, and necessary in my opinion. Character development about Hijikata’s alter ego that was introduced in Shinsengumi In Crisis is made. If you REALLY REALLY want, it’s skippable though, just not recommended.

166 (Funny episode that shows the relationship between Gin and Hijikata, skippable)

167-170 (Semi-serious arc but important)

31 episodes reduced to 18 from Yoshiwara In Flames to Red Spider.

(Red Spider Arc) 177-181 Well done you’ve made it far. Here we go with the 4th major serious arc of Gintama. New villain, and slight revelations about Gin’s past. For Tsukuyo and Gin shippers this arc is amazing.

Ok seriously, if you’re still on this guide, damn you really are missing out on a lot of the comedy episodes.

181-184 (Character popularity poll arc. This arc is literally about breaking the 4th wall and very funny. Highly recommend watching.)

186-187 (Pretty deep mini arc. Focuses on Sougo)

188 (Another good episode about Hasegawa)

190-192 (So the main characters all turned into cats, but this mini arc was surprisingly good and funny. Skippable, but good.)

194 (This episode is funny. Really funny.)

195-199 Diviner Arc (Semi-serious arc. New characters introduced. Hilarious)

200-201 (Santa Arc. This was where Gintama first stopped airing, so these were the final episodes of the series for the time being. Pretty funny episodes, but skippable. A temporary goodbye from the cast)

You’re here. Season 2 of Gintama. But you’re still on this guide. I’m disappointed. This season is 51 episodes but only contains 2 serious arcs. Regardless you should be watching every episode by now but this guide continues for you people who can’t sit through the comedy for some reason.

202-204 (These episodes are straight up funny. Dragon Ball/ Bleach parodies here as well. Highly recommend NOT skipping)

205 ( New inside joke is revealed, funny episode.)

207-208 (More Sarutobi screentime because she doesn’t get enough in the series and also fist of the north star parody)

29 episodes to 23 from Red Spider to Four Devas. Not much reduction because at this point the series is pretty good.

(Four Devas Arc) 210-214 DAMN 5th serious arc of Gintama. This arc is great as well. Focuses a lot on Otose’s past and the place where our characters live as a whole. There’s two characters who appear in episode 213 you might not know because this guide said to skip the episodes they were introduced but they’re not too relevant. If you’re interested to know about them then go back and watch episodes 53-55.

215 (Four Devas Aftermath)


221-222 (Focuses on Kyubei and her pet monkey. Funny mini-arc)

228-229 (Another funny mini-arc)

232-236 (Renho Arc. A star wars parody arc. Comedy arc. Focuses on Elizabeth’s backstory.)


239-240 (Scandal Arc. One of the best comedy mini-arcs in the series, centered on all the main heroines and Gin)

241-242 (Another comedy arc, Lots of Dragonball references in 242)

30 episodes to 17 from Four Devas to Baragaki Arc.

244-247 (Baragaki Arc. Serious arc that helps to set up for future arcs. Introduces new characters, but not as big of a scale in plot as previous major serious arcs.Still good though. )

248 (Another good Hasegawa episode)

249-252 (Gintama was ending its airing yet again in Japan, so these episodes are all hilarious but skippable. 252 is about how the anime is ending yet again and the main cast apologizing to the audience)

Season 3 of Gintama. Here is where stuff gets real. Within the next 13 episodes there are 3 serious arcs. For those of you who have come this far congratulations, you’re about to witness greatness on a whole new level, because one of the best arcs this show has to offer is here.

(Kintama Arc) 252-256. A golden haired Gin has taken over the show, and no one remembers our main character. What’s going to happen now?

(Ikkoku Keisei, or Courtesan Of A Nation Arc) 257-261. THIS. ARC. THIS. ARC. The biggest arc in terms of scale in the entire first 265 episodes of Gintama that remains of the best arcs to this day. All I can say is, be prepared to feel amazed. New villains, revelations, plotlines, and so much more will be revealed. One of my personal favorite arcs of all time.

262-264 (Beam Saber Arc) Another star wars parody arc with a serious tone.

265 (An episode focusing on Sadaharu and the final episode of the series for years to come)

This is where you should watch the 2nd Gintama Movie, “Be Forever Yorozuya” one of the greatest films ever. If you’re planning on getting someone into Gintama, showing them this film could work.

And here we are, at Gintama (2015). New series, way better animation, same characters, same fun, same tone shifts, same greatness. If Courtesan Of A Nation did not properly motivate you to watch every episode from then on, then there’s honestly nothing I can do and I kind of hate you for still being here on the guide.

266-267 (Hilarious episodes celebrating the return of the show. Dragon Ball parodies here as well)

268 (Yamazaki and Tama ship)

270 (Naruto Parody and Sachan is back!)

271-272 (Kuroko No Basket parody and more about Gin’s past)

275-277 (Genderbend Arc. All characters we know get their genders swapped. Why would you want to skip these episodes?)

279-281 Reaper Arc (Very important mini arc that sets up for the endgame plot)

283-284 (Confessional Arc. Shogun is back YET AGAIN)

285 (For Kondo and Otae shippers. Hilarious festival episode)

287-289 (Soul Switch Arc. Gin and Hijikata switch bodies. Again, why would you want to skip?)

290-291 (Sakamoto and Mutsu, despite being in almost all the openings don’t get too much screen time, until now. Mini arc that focuses on their past)

294-295 (Introduces another new character. Comedy episodes)

296-297 (Feigned Illness Arc. One of the best comedy mini arcs)

You’ll notice that not a lot of episodes were skipped in the 2015 show. Most of this season is actually amazing and is the best season of Gintama in my opinion. 51 episodes reduced to 42 before all the seriousness hits.

300-316 (SA Arc, FS Arc)  From episode 300 to 316, I will call it the “point of no return”. Little to no comedy exists in the series anymore (besides 300) and there is purely plot from here on out. Multiple serious arcs in a row and it doesn’t slow down. The scale of the plot soars to even greater heights than before and the Gintama world as we know it changes completely. At this point, I recommend you watch everything you can before you see this, including specials and OVA’s. This is where everything goes down and these episodes will change everything. These arcs lead all the way up to the end of the series as a whole, which is still being written as of right now.

Gintama (2017): Here we are at the start of a new Gintama season. This season is just a direct continuation of the previous arc.

317-328 (Rakuyo Decisive Battle Arc) Like I said, direct sequel to the previous season, expect more plot and development, great fights, and a massive feels trip.

Gintama: Season 6

329-341 (Slip Arc) This arc could be confusing for some because it adapts chapters of the manga that were skipped that take place BEFORE the SA Arc and FS Arc. Because the final arc of Gintama is so long and still being written as of now, the producers decided to adapt the skipped chapters instead and just produce it as a season 6 of the show. Chronologically, these chapters take place before all the seriousness happens, so it’s still lighthearted and comedic. There’s no plot development at all in this season since this isn’t really a direct sequel to the Rakuyo Decisive Battle Arc. You can consider this a filler arc and it’s entirely optional to watch, however, I would still recommend to watch anyways because it’s Gintama and it’s still grade A comedy.

Gintama: Season 7

342-???? (Silver Soul Arc)

THE FINAL GINTAMA ARC. IT’S GOING TO BE LONG. IT’S GOING TO BE EMOTIONAL. IT’S GOING TO BE GOOD. *When you just wanna watch some comedy then all of sudden the main characters enter a universal war to decide the fate of the planet*

I hope you have found this guide useful enough to get you into the series and hopefully to help to get through the series with ease. Remember Gintama is a comedy-based episodic anime, and this guide is meant for those who don’t have the patience to sit through it, but is highly recommended to go through all of it. Sure it may not shine all the time and it may not have an overarching plot, but it’s pretty damn good when it needs to be and is far from a typical shounen. Gintama’s ability to tell a story so well in less than 7 episodes in many of its arcs amazes me to this day. I’m not going to say it’s the greatest anime of all time, because that would offend people, but I’m definitely going to say it’s my favorite and I made this guide to help others experience what I’ve experienced watching this show. Please don’t hate on it until you have fully seen what it has to show for you. It took me almost a year to get hooked on it because I was repeatedly watching it on and off but I have no regrets whatsoever. Enjoy!


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  1. I actually have been making a “Gintama Serious Edit” this past year solely for my own rewatching purposes, since I have already watched every single episode that has been released. I did cut out a lot more episodes then you did however for the beginning episodes before episode 58 and so on. I just felt like focusing on as little comedy in this edit. I made it just so I could stay current with the plot development but would be willing to send it to you if you wished to see it. I figured someone out there might be able to give me some criticism (sorry I know this comment is random as hell). Let me know!

    • If there is no spoilers could u send me this please trying to get a friend to watch it but she has little time and im yet to finish it so i cant recommend to far in advance

  2. 3-10, 12-15, 17, 22-24, 27-28, 31-32(Memory Loss Arc), 36, 39-45, 47, 50-52

    Those are the episodes to watch or to skip ?

  3. @Orange Author clearly tries to avoid spoiler by writing SA Arc and FS Arc instead of their full names and here you come spoil everyone else LMAO

  4. The fact that you have to make a guide like this really reinforces how god awful this anime is.

  5. Watch each and every episode without skipping anything, this anime is way ahead of its time just like cowboy bebop. It’s in a different league all together. Don’t binge watch it.

  6. Thanks a lot. I was kind of bored on some comedy episodes but this helped me traverse uo to 51. I’ll be watching everything from here on out. No doubt will it be a great journey.

  7. Well… You’ve missed many good episodes though but salute to you for making this guide it helped me to rewatch the whole thing..

  8. Well this is prob the best way to watch again Gintama but if you’re wathcing for the 1st time only skip episoded till the benizakura arc, after that watch all of it. If you just want to watch over again tis is the best way to do so.

  9. Hey sup y’all
    Yow…to the maker of the *Gintama guide* above, thanks perfect set, REALLY HELPED at leat keep up with necessary ones.
    I Love Gintama series, dope ass anime!…just ain’t afford data to download alla em series and there’s hella load

  10. I watched all of it, but this guide really helped me figure out when I was getting towards the serious stuff so I wouldn’t be shocked when it suddenly got serious.

  11. Thank you so much for this amazing guide. I really liked it how you expressed about the arcs without spoiling anything

  12. H! Just wanted to say thanks for this amazing guide. It really helped me get through the 50ish episodes until Benizakura hit, and then some episodes until the first Shinsengumi arc.

    In general, Gintama’s comedy really is elite, especially in later episodes. But slapstick comedy is a hit or miss for me sometimes, and early Gintama comedy fell flat for me a few times. And your guide really came in clutch!

    Many thanks!

  13. Thank you for the guide! I still watched all the episodes, and yes IT’S A MUST haha, but I liked that I could come here and see how arcs were arranged and when the serious ones would come. It also helps when I’m rewatching episodes haha

  14. Hey, thanks a bunch for making the list

    I have a question:
    If I watch the 32 episodes you picked out of the first 57, then proceed to watch every single episode after that till the end of the anime,

    Will I be missing out and find a character reappearing that appeared in these 57 episodes?


  15. Thanks for this summary as it helped me navigate thru the series as I had to drop it a couple of times before going thru the earlier episodes.

    My suggestion however is to improve the summary by including “Pre-requisite episodes” per major serious arc. I had skipped more than the guide and was navigating well despite a lot of skips while not suffering any major decline in episode satisfaction until the Four Devas Arc. Some of the characters I was not all too familiar due to skipping a lot.

    Great work overall!

  16. I believe some characters do reappear, but you can always just go back and watch the missed episodes once you get into the series. The whole point of this is to get people interested in it, once that’s done, you can go back and forth according to what you want to do.

  17. Yea, Please add in episode 189 to the list; it gives us a really light-hearted soft side to kagura providing the viewers more in-depth character development. It’s a really sorta happy-sad episode, that warms the hearts anybody who watches it.


    I’m shocked why the author forgot the mention this episode. It’s a must watch.

  19. I love this show to my best,
    and though I like every Gintama’s episodes (they’re hilarious),
    there are times I just need only the drama storyline,

    and your blog helped A LOT! It’s the most completed so far on the entire internet world.
    Thank you so much for making this!!!

  20. Im only using this to refresh my memory until i get to where i left off, then im watching all the episodes

  21. I started watching Gintama late last year since someone gave the first six seasons to me (everything before the 2015 series) and I had nothing else to do or watch.

    I have NEVER skipped a single episode of Gintama honestly, from the start until where I am now.

    At first I was suffering through it, and if I had something else I would’ve quit and then I got to the Benizakura arc and my mind was blown. After that I became so fond of the characters and the jokes started to become better and understandble. At first I was only really interested in Gin’s past but I came to appreciate the comedy. After the Yagyu arc I knew that I’d see this show through till the end

    How the show balances comedy and action and is able to tell a well-crafted story with virtually no plot holes is 5 episodes wheras other shounen struggle to do the same in 50 episodes (like Bleach and Naruto. I mean no offense. Those are two of my absolute favorites

    What I’m trying to say is that the author is 100% right. GIVE THE SHOW A CHANCE! THERE’S AN 80%CHANCE YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED.

    Follow their program or watch everything like I did snd by the Benizakura and for the latest by the Yoshiwara or Courtesan of a Nation arc you’ll be hooked.

    Then go back to the its you skipped since they provide important bits of character development and worldbuilding.

  22. To new Gintama watchers

    Thank you and you are welcome

  23. (P.S: This is a joke calm down)

    Since everybody seems to be doing a guide on how to watch Gintama in the most effective and least time consuming way, I decided throw my own two cents in here. After all, when you watch a show, it is always more important to complete it as quick as possible, and enjoyment is pretty secondary. So here we go:

    Skippable episodes:

    3-7: Those episodes only introduce characters. You can get to know them later on. Not necessary.

    13: There is some action but overall, noone dies so the action is pointless. You can skip it.

    17: Features Takasugi. Takasugi is a filler character. So you can skip any episode that features him.

    25: Parody episode. You won’t enjoy it if you haven’t seen Death Note. If you have seen Death note, you have already seen this. No need to watch it either way.

    31-32: First arc of Gintama. But I’m sure you have seen something that features memory loss plot point before. So you can skip it.

    40-42: Umibozu introduction. As I said, introduction episodes are mostly pointless. He is bald. That’s all you need to know.

    51-52: The baby isn’t cute enough to warrant watching.

    54-55: The mother isn’t cute enough to warrant watching.

    58-61: Features Takasugi. Skip.

    62: You skipped Benizakura so this episode won’t make any sense.

    69-71: Robots can’t have feelings. Makes no sense. No point in watching.

    76-81: Yagyuu arc. Only one thing you need to know but the ED already shows it so you don’t need to see the arc itself.

    86-87: Okita Mitsuba. She doesn’t appear ever again after this arc so pointless character introduction.

    88: Introduces that Shogun guy. Probably not important.

    94-95: Hasegawa Prosecution arc. You can’t watch porn in a court room. That’s just silly.

    98-99: Owee arc: They can’t even spell Nintendo Switch right. Skip.

    101-105: Shinsengumi Crisis: They miss way too many times with guns. And then hit bullseye way too much at the end. Don’t use guns if you can’t aim.

    107-108: The guardian dog arc: Very similar ending to Crisis. We skipped that, so why watch this now.

    115-118: Ryugujo: There is a girl with an eye patch here. I don’t remember when they introduced her so it is pointless to watch an arc that involves a character we don’t know. Skip.

    121-123: Monkey Hunter: Play the game instead.

    126-128: Correspondence arc: Shinpachi screams too much.

    129-130: Kintaro arc: Made me cry. Crying makes me feel bad. Feeling bad is annoying. Skip.

    131:134: Ghost Ryokan: Obligatory Jojo’s reference. Go to a random youtube videos comment section and you’ll find the same thing.

    139-146: Yoshiwara in Flames: Introduces a Waifu bait and a husbando bait in a single arc.

    148-149: Shinsengumi Death Game: As if there weren’t enough SAW movies out there.

    150: It didn’t end.

    151-152: Features that Shogun guy again. Probably won’t appear ever again.

    157-163: Too long.

    167-170: Too short.

    177-181: Red spider arc. There is a blond chick here that the show acts like I’m supposed to know but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her. And she is like a main character here. Pointless.

    182-184: Popularity Poll: Okita over Kagura? Fuck that. Skip.

    186-187: Rokkaku: It is about Okita. Okita pissed me off by beating Kagura in the poll. No need to watch it.

    190-192: Stray Cat arc: Dogs are better.

    195-199: Diviner arc: Too many new characters with difficult names.

    200-201: Santa arc: Umibozu is still too bald to warrant watching.

    207-208: Glasses arc: How can you make an arc called glasses arc and not make Shinpachi the main focus of that arc? Missed opportunity. Skip.

    210-214: 4 Devas arc: Old people can’t fight.

    215: Filler aftermath of a filler arc.

    217: Seeing that blond girl in a bikini made me regret skipping some of the previous episodes but you know, no point crying over skipped milk. So we can just skip this to avoid any regrets.

    221-222: Jugem arc. False advertising. The arc name should have been Jugem Jugem unko nageki no ototoi no… you know what I mean.

    225-226: Jail arc: My main character can’t be this sadistic. Seriously it is scary. Don’t watch it.

    228-229: Love Choris arc: Shinpachi screams too much, the sequel.

    232-236 Renho arc: You can’t even trust the show you watch anymore. If I wanted to be trolled and bullied I’d go back to highschool. Skip.

    237-238: Vacation arc: Features that Shogun guy. Again, probably won’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

    239-240: Scandal arc: Clearly exist just to suck up to Gintoki x Hasegawa shippers.

    241-242: Host club arc: Vegeta is better. These girls don’t have taste.

    244-247: Thorny arc: Ican’t believe they whitewashed the Shinsengumi.

    253-256: Kintama arc: I refuse to watch this arc out of principle. Its name means testicles.

    257-261: Courtesan of a Nation: Obligatory evil version of the main character arc. Lets be honest, Oboro has white hair, which makes him basically an evil Gintoki. The love story in this arc features two old people and therefore isn’t hot.

    262-264: Beam Sword arc: Great arc. Very emotional. Very funny. Features some really heartfelt moments as well as good action. But it is about Shinpachi and Otae so you can skip it.

    266-267 Frozen Time arc: Everytime I try to watch this arc I seem to miss most of it and I have no idea what happens in those 35 minutes. I only see the beginning and the very end and it made no sense.

    271-272: Patriot reunion arc: Slam Dunk was better than Kuroko. That 5th member should have been called Slamo Danko or something. Skip.

    275-277: Dekoboko Arc: All the hottest girls are actually guys. All the hottest guys are actually girls. Just makes you wish for something that you’ll never get. Skip.

    279-281: Shinigami arc: I think this is about that blond chick again that we skipped before. This time she has a sword instead of a kunai. Either way, no need to watch it.

    283-284: Confessional arc. You know I’m starting to wonder if that Shogun guy isn’t actually a one off character. But again, lets skip just to be sure.

    287-289: Soul Switch arc: Shitty ending.

    290-291: Kaientai arc: It has a plot twist. I hate plot twists. I want everything to be very straight forward. Lets hope Gintama doesn’t have any bigger plot twists in the future.

    294-295: Afro arc: Too late to introduce a character. As if the cast wasn’t already big enough.

    296-297: Feigned Illness: You can’t make jokes about death. That is just mean.

    Love Potion OVA: It is an OVA. Who cares about OVAs?

    300-307: Shogun Assassination arc: The show finally admits that the Shogun guy was pointless and gets rid of him. I think it was supposed to be an emotional scene but not gonna lie, it didn’t affect me much. Maybe because I haven’t really seen anything of that guy before. Either way, meaningless.

    308-316: Farewell Shinsengumi: If you read the title you basically know what the arc is about. The rest is trivial. I do like the blue haired chick though. Shame she never appeared before.

    317-328: Rakuyo: Apparently Kagura chan had a brother and he is like an Itachi knock off or something? I don’t know, it was interesting but Umibozu was still too bald for me to care about what happens.

    Porori: FILLER SEASON.

    343+: Silver Soul arc: Haven’t seen it. But I’ve seen Naruto’s ending and from that one example I can say that shounen endings are always bad so no point in watching this. That’s why Jump keeps axing shows before they can get to that final arc.

    There we go. With this you can claim you have watched all of Gintama in less than a week. Thank me later.

    Or you know you can just watch the entire show and get the full experience.

  24. I really liked the guide and I thank you for it. I’m finishing FS arc by now in about a month of watching it. I was a bit annoyed of you being agressive to people using it, I understood the first time you told me that I should watch all episodes and as a fact Courtesan Arc was the one that made me want to skip all comedy, because it was a serious arc (and you going full “if courtesan doesn’t want to make you watch all the comedy I hate you” really confused me, I mean, why a big serious and full of development arc made me want to keep watching the comedy?).

    Really really liked Gintama, would probably watch comedy arcs with wife after I finish it.

  25. Only Problem is you didn’t made One Piece Parodies Here.
    Dissapointed Even though Gintoki Really said

    “I am Gonna be King Of Samurai” and Oda took it personally as we are in a Samurai Arc.

  26. Thanks for this! I really only used this to find what episode I left off on a while back since I forgot the number. This helped me get back on track. Just finished the Deva Arc. OH MY GOD.

  27. Had to binge the bare minimum of the entire series in one night because I made the mistake of booking the Gintama movie tickets the next day. This guide has honestly been my saving grace and I promise I’ll go back to where I stopped to watch the episodes one by one again! Thank you so much.

  28. If you are a casual anime watcher or don’t give any anime special treatment before watching, you should follow this guide. There are even some more episodes you could skip but watch 189 as well.

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    And the comedy episodes take some time to get really really good. After yoshiwara in flames they will be a lot better than the ones in the beginning

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    Correction: Be forever yorozuya, one of the greatest ANIME films, not just films in general you dumbass

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