Here’s a list of Unsolved Naruto Mysteries, what do you guys think about it? anyone know the answers to these mysteries?

1. Why did kakashi’s sharingan fade after obito died? While shisui’s eye stolen by danzo as well as the one he gave to itachi were still alive?!

2. How did Hashirama die?

3. How did Hamura die?

4. Naruto & Sasuke after getting their powers from the Sage Of The Six Paths why were they stronger than madara?!

5. How did itachi get the totsuka blade and the yata mirror ?

6. How did Madara use Susanoo without any eyes?

7. Why Sasuke is able to use Sage Of The Six Paths powers, but not Naruto:

8. Are the tailed beasts immortal?!

9. Was Hiruzen really stronger than Hashirama and Tobirama? As he was reffered as the strongest shinobi of all time.

10. Who is Rock Lee’s wife?

11. Is Hidan still alive in the hole?

12. Why didnt Nagato revive Yahiko?!

13. Why didn’t Himawari & Boruto posses Byakugan ?

If you know the answer, Leave a comment below ^_^


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  1. Answer 1:Kakashi’s sharingan was already taken by Madara to get to Obito.Obito could only give Kakashi the powers of his eyes for a short period as he did not possese the sharingan but a normal eye.

  2. Answer 2:Hashirama Senju was killed by Kakuzu as he mentions fighting him during his fight with Kakashi and team asuma.

  3. Answer 3:Hamura died of old age but he gave birth to the Hyuga and Kaguya clan like his brother gave to Senju and uchiha

    • That’s true but not for his question. Remember, Hashirama and Madara were also reincarnations of Ashura and Indra. They were stronger because the Sage chose them as his legacy and boosted their powers.

    • Tbey were not stronger than Madara. He was fighting with only one rennigan then. When he got the second from Obito, it was a different ball game.

      • True but after Madara and Hashirama died from their fight the spirit incarnations of Indra and Ashura passed on to Naruto and Sasuke. But the difference is that both Madara and Hashirama didnt know about the spirits. So when Sasuke and Naruto learned about them, they recieved the powers of Indra and Ashura when they were alive.

  4. Answer 5:He got it when orochimaru attempted to take his eyes when they were in Akatsuk.He used his mangekyou sharingan and took its power.The totsuka blade is not a sword but it is pure chakra that Itachi took from orochimaru.Its same for the yara mirror.

    • I don’t believe that is true but I can’t disprove it at this time. I do know he got neither from Orochimaru. If that was the case, Orochimaru would not have been defeated by Itachi so easily when he escaped Sasuke. I do believe the Totsuka Blade was a sword, just as Kusunagi is but somehow Itachi merged it with his Susanoo.

    • This isn’t true. I do not know how he came to possess them, but Oro stated himself that he was searching for them and was astonished that Itachi had them the whole time.

  5. Madara’s rinnegas was real sage of six paths rinnegan which had both Uchiha and senju powers.His body was of an Uchiha and thus he was able to use susanoo.

    • He was an Edo Tensei. He had eyes. That’s how. After he was revived, his eyes disappeared because the real ones were gone. And it wasn’t that it was the Sage’s eyes, but the use of Uchiha and Senju cells allowed him to evolve into the Rinnegan since the Sharingan and the strong life energy of the Senju came from him.

  6. Naruto is able to use sage of six paths power.He just didn’t want to get rinnegan but preferred his sage mode.He is able to bring out chakra rods from his palms and he is able to levitate.

    • Naruto had the Sage’s power true, but he COULDN’T get the Rinnegan. He was from the Senju part of the Sage’s bloodline. To get the rinnegan, he needed a Sharingan. Sasuke had one so his was evolved to the Rinnegan. Sage mode was more a legacy of Ahsura.

  7. Yes a tailed beast can die.An akatsuki always takes a jinchuriki alive .Thats because if the jinchuriki dies so does the tailed beast.If the beasts would have been immortal then there would be no need of capturing jinchurikis alive.

    • Then why the 3 tailed beast that has no jinchuriki is living under the water. Daedara capture the beast and drags it back to akatski hideout right

      • Max is correct. The tailed beast do not die. That’s why there are Jinchuurinki. Also the reason there are nine bijuu are because when the sage died, the juubi would have been released so he split the chakra into pieces. The Tailed beasts ARE immortal. The only effective way to kill them was literally the seal that the 4th Hokage used since it would drag the Kyuubi into the Shinigami. Not technically death but removed from the mortal plane.

    • He was not. Madara was even in strength to Hashirama. That is why they never killed each other. Madara was not more powerful, simply more ruthless.

      • Sorry I read that question wrong. Hiruzen was not stronger. He was able to take them on only because he had King Enma with him and he used clones and the Shiki Fuuin. He would have lost. Don’t get me wrong, The third was a strong man. He was called the God of Shinobi because he MASTERED all the shinobi arts. He took the time to learn all that he could about everything. Hashirama and Tobirama were both much more powerful. Hashirama could CREATE life. He BUILT Konoha with just his jutsu. Tobirama could pull water from the air. Create massive water jutsu with water vapor in the air. Hiruzen could not compare to them, not in that way.

  8. Nah. Hidan could not make any more more sacrifies and thus his chakra will end sooner or later thus, he will die.

    • Hidan’s immortality was never explained so that is assuming that it’s tied to his chakra. All we know is he had a pact with Jashin that in exchange for sacrifices, he had immortality. Now he may die because he’s no longer making sacrifices but not necessarily because he’ll run out of chakra. Everyone generates chakra, you don’t just run out. To run out is to die so….that’s impossible.

  9. The jutsu that Nagato used to revive everyone in konoha could be used once in a lifetime and tobi wanted him to use it for madara later.

    • Nagato didn’t even know how to use that jutsu when Yahiko died. It may not be a one shot either, Nagato was already sick and dying. He just died faster using the rest of his chakra to revive everyone he killed. If it was one death, he probably could have managed ok, but most of a village? That’s different.

  10. …..You know Boruto just looks like Naruto….he still is able to use the Byakugan right? He has just as much Hyuuga in him as Himewari. She just takes more after her mother.

  11. 1. Madara took Kakashi’s sharingan, but Obito took it back…when Obito died he disidegraded (turned to dust or whatever) so did his sharingan alongside with him.
    2. Hashirama died sometime in 1st Ninja war…He never saw what his brother did with the Uchiha’s …if he was there that wouldn’t happen…
    3. I don’t really know…
    4.They were never stronger than Madara, they could counter him with their synergy…however 1v1 both were weaker.
    5. I’ve never seen any mention about that. But we know that Orochimaru was searching for those items, meaning they were obtainable and not linked to Itachi’s Susano’o specifically. ANyone could use them, Itachi just happened to be the one.
    6. To use Susano’o you need to awaken both eyes MS. Possibly you don’t need them to be equipped. Sasuke mentions his whole body was in pain, every of his cells… so it might be linked to the body of the user in some way…It’s a chakra materialization.
    7. If you mean his Rinnegan, it’s because it’s basically an evolution of sharingan…I don’t think both of them can use any s6p powers…not the seal. Naruto had absorbed some of the other tailed beast’s chakra and because of that he could use their special releases imbued in his Rasengan…The orbs and stuff were because he had the power’s of all beasts inside him so he invoke them same way Obito and Madara did…That’s the “body”…while Sasuke got the visual prowess… However Naruto possibly gave back the chakra the beasts lent him, so he can’t invoke them…
    8. I think i’ve seen somewhere that practically they are…
    9. That was said in the 1st part, where Tobirama and Hashirama powers possibly wasn’t decided as for full potential. However we know that Hashirama could go against Kurama and Madara and win, while Hiruzen (not in his prime though) wouldn’t beat Kurama alone, but he could hold his own in general.
    10. Really?
    11. Possibly… he is immortal after all.
    12. maybe he didn’t know his full extend of his powers at that point.
    13. Because they don’t . Himawari has Byakygan. Boruto has Jogan…

    • 11. i did a mistake… If Kabuto could summon him with Edo Tensei means he is dead…And his immortality comes from the sacrifices with his ritual, so if no ritual he might lost the connection to his”god”…

  12. 1. Obito’s eyes were only transferred through chakra form while Shisui’s eyes were in physical form when they were taken.
    2. Hashirama died because of the too much use of the stronger version of Byakugou(as it was stated by Madara that he didn’t need to weave signs). It was said in the anime before that cells only divide a number of time in a lifetime, therefore, it shortens the lifespan of a person. Hashirama used it many times already at his young age because of the battles in his time.
    3. He probably just died of age.
    4. They could never beat Madara 1 on 1. They only have a chance of beating him if they work together.
    5. Probably he got those weapons from his missions from the Akatsuki or he already had it manifested with his Susano’o.
    6. One would have to awaken both Mangekyou Sharingan in their eyes to activate the Susano’o but wouldn’t need the eyes once they have awakened it because the Susano’o is only the chakra materialization of an Uchiha(or an Otsutsuki maybe, because Hagoromo and Indra were able to awaken the Susano’o.).
    7. They were both able to use it because Naruto had the Yin chakra that enables him to enter Six Paths Sage Mode and Sasuke had the Yang chakra that let him awaken the Rinnegan in his left eye.
    8. Yes they are. The tailed beasts were composed of pure chakra so if they die, their physical body would only decompose and scatter their chakra all over the place, and that scattered chakra will form into the tailed beasts we know as time goes on.
    9. Hiruzen will never be as strong as Hashirama and Tobirama. Hiruzen is strong but not as strong as they are. He may have mastered all four basic chakra natures but he could not use the Wood Style because he is not a descendant of Ashura, even if you’re a descendant of Ashura it’s really rare to see a Senju using wood style and Wood Style is probably one of the most powerful Kekkei Genkai in the series which could even tame the Kyuubi. And Hiruzen is not on the level of Tobirama because only few people could use Water Style on Tobirama’s extent, and Tobirama is a genius at creating Ninjutsu because mostly the common jutsu that is being used in Konoha until now were created by Tobirama.
    10. It was not revealed yet but probably it’s Tenten LOLOLOL.
    11. Hidan is already dead, he was seen being reanimated by Kabuto. Hidan’s reason for dying was starvation under the hole he was buried.
    12. He probably didn’t know how to use the Outer Path before or he knew he would die after using it.
    13. Himawari awakened the Byakugan after Boruto ripped the head of her teddy bear. And Boruto didn’t awaken the Byakugan but awakened a new Dojutsu called the Jougan(which i think probably is the combination of the Byakugan and Naruto’s ability to sense negative emotions.).