"Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F" Breaks Box Office Records In Limited Engagement

“Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F” Breaks Box Office Records In Limited Engagement

FUNimation has announced that its limited engagement run for Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F has broken records for per-screen average revenue and has also ranked in the Top 5 films for the week with a per-screen average of $1,724 over a total of 901 screens in the US, leading to a record $3.5 million run in the first two days, with a $1.55 million run on Wednesday, and beating the 8-day total for last year’s limited engagement of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, which ended its run last year at $2.8 million total.

The earnings also take into account a slight reduction in Canadian screens owing to the opening of major Hollywood releases this weekend such as Mission Impossible Rogue Mission. The film’s run will end with one last wave of showings on Tuesday August 11th before officially ending on the 12th.


UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming demand for the film, FUNimation has announced this morning that additional screenings have been added for Monday across 200 screens in select theaters, as well as the already planned Tuesday screenings across 250 screens before the end of the engagement on Wednesday with an additional 367 screens for the fnal day. With yesterday’s $1.36 million gross earnings, the film has now made $5.56 million in the US, becoming the first highest-grossing indie animated film to sit at #1 all-time, and beating out the total grosses for Miyazaki films The Wind Rises and Howl’s Moving Castle.

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