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In this world, there exists an endless army of creatures of darkness, devouring the world under the cloak of night. Among those that stand against these creatures is the Hellsing Organization. Led by the commanding Integra Hellsing, she does not put stock in humans fighting these inhuman creatures, instead she uses her vampire servant, the powerful Alucard. When vampires start popping up in unprecedented proportions, it seems that Integra and the Hellsing Organization army have found an enemy that they cannot beat.

Addicting in its art and bathed in buckets of blood and viscera, you will be hard pressed to find an anime more bloody than Hellsing Ultimate. Did it really get your own blood pumping? Then why not try some of these anime recommendations?

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For Fans of Visceral, Violent Vampires

Trinity Blood

After Armageddon, an endless war started between humans and vampires. In order to keep up with the chaos, the Vatican had to entrust some of its battles to outside allies. One such ally is Abel, a wandering priest and crusnik, a vampire that feeds on the blood of other vampires.

If you combined Alucard and Anderson into one body and gave him bishounen hair, you would have Abel. Although, it doesn’t feature a lot of the insane laughing scenes, Trinity Blade deals with a lot of the same ideas of Hellsing like religion, secret organizations, and fighting vampires in a larger conflict.


Black Blood Brothers

Ten years after the Holy War in Hong Kong, Mochizuki Jirou returns home to Japan with his brother Kotarou. The two soon discover that the Kowloon Children, enemies that Jirou thought he had defeated, are still alive. Now the world is separated into three factions: the red bloods that are human, the black bloods that are vampires, and the old bloods that are descendants of an ancient vampire clan. When his brother gets capture, Jirou finds he must fight again.

Like Hellsing, Black Blood Brothers tells the tale of two vampires that fight other vampires. However, they are also somehow better than other vampires. It also seems worth mentioning that Alucard kind of jacked Jirou’s style.

shiki anime


The fifteen-year-old Megumi Shimizu dreamed of leaving her small country town behind for the big city, but those dreams died when she did. It was her murder that kicked off a summer of blood and terror in this small town where a city boy and a country doctor try to stop the epidemic of death happening around them.

Aside from vampires and so much gruesome violence, Shiki and Hellsing have very little else in common. Both can be a bit dialogue-heavy at times, but Hellsing at least makes up for it with it by a lot of good action scenes.

For Fans of Blood, Blood Everywhere!



Elfen Lied

After violently breaking out of the institution that kept her prisoner, Lucy, a member of a race with horns and telekinetic powers, has lost her memories. In her state of instability, she takes of residence with two college students whose act of kindness will change their lives as they find themselves dragged into the shadowy world of government conspiracy.

Like blood and body parts just flying everywhere? Then Elfen Lied is a good series to follow up your Hellsing binge. Elfen Lied is renowned for being pretty violent, but unlike Hellsing Ultimate, it takes breaks from the seriousness to focus on Lucy’s cute alternate personality, similar to how Seras and Pip take breaks for comic relief.

drifters anime


During the battle of Sekigahara, Toyohisa Shimazu manages to mortally wound Ii Naomasa, although critically wounding himself in the process. As he walks away bleeding and dying, he finds himself transported to another world where many great warriors of history also dwell.

Both Drifters and Hellsing were created by the same guy, Kouta Hirano. If you were a fan of Hellsing’s art style, then this is the perfect anime to follow up with. While still pretty violent, Drifters is not nearly as violent as Hellsing Ultimate.


Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne

After accidentally becoming infected by a time fruit from Yggdrasil, Rin Asogi finds herself cursed with immortality. Never aging and never dying, she now works as a private detective. However, in the year 1990, a series of events spark a situation that may put immortals like Rin in danger.

When you are immortal, you can take a lot of terrible things done to you. Many series that have immortality in it tend to gloss over this part, but not Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne. Like to watch women get beaten and brutally tortured like in the fights featuring Seras or Integra in Hellsing Ultimate? Well, here you go.

For Fans of Monster Hunting



In this world, humans are forced to coexist with demons called Yoma. These beasts feed on humanity and take on a human appearance. In order to fight them, an order of women called Claymores were imbued with Yoma essence in order to stand against the tide.

Hellsing and Claymore are like best friends who hold hands. They are both dark, violent, and so viciously bloody. In its bare essentials, they are also about the same thing. Hellsing has vampires fighting vampires, Claymore has Yoma fighting Yoma.


Black Lagoon

Average business man Rokurou Okajima found his life turned upside down when he was captured and held hostage by a mercenary group in Thailand called Black Lagoon. In order to survive, he ends up joining the mercenaries. Now he must adapt to the lifestyle, or die.

In Hellsing, the organization fights monsters. In Black Lagoon, the mercenaries fight humans who act like monsters. Dark, gritty, and occasionally comedic, Black Lagoon captures the same vicious feel of Hellsing without having literal buckets of blood streaming through the streets.



Saya Otonashi lives a dull life as an amnesiac in Okinawa City. However, her forgotten past comes back to haunt her one night when she is attacked by a creature that feeds on human blood. After being saved by a mysterious man, he forced her to drink blood, sending her into a monster-slaying trance.

Obviously both Blood+ and Hellsing Ultimate are about killing vampires. Both regularly features great action sequences with plenty of gore, but Blood+ is tamer and a little more drama-oriented at times.

Have your own recommendations for anime series like Hellsing Ultimate? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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