Your Life Won't Be Complete Until You Taste Wagashi

Your Life Won’t Be Complete Until You Taste Wagashi

For the uninitiated

Wagashi are traditional Japanese confections that evolved into an art form in the ancient Imperial capital, Kyoto. The character pronounced ‘wa’ denotes things Japanese, while the characters for ‘gashi’, an alliteration of kashi, have come to mean confections.

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Different wagashi are made during the year based on the season

Your Life Won't Be Complete Until You Taste Wagashi

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There is a wide variety of wagashi types, some you probably already know!

  • Mochi: a rice cake made of glutinous rice

  • Sakuramochi: a rice cake filled with anko and wrapped in a pickled cherry leaf

  • Dango: a small, sticky, sweet mochi, commonly skewered on a stick

  • Daifuku: general term for mochi stuffed with anko

  • Taiyaki: a core of anko surrounded by a fried dough covering shaped like a fish

  • Anmitsu: chilled gelatinous cubes with fruit

  • Manjū: steamed cakes of an surrounded by a flour mixture, available in many shapes such as peaches, rabbits, and mushrooms

There are many more types, but they all look almost too good to eat.

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Your life won’t be complete until you taste one of these.

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You need to go online right now and search if there are any Japanese sweets shops near you.

If there aren’t any, you can always try your hand at making it yourself!


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