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Gintama Anime’s Return Date Set

Gintama Anime's Return Date Set

The wraparound jacket band on the 73rd volume of Hideaki Sorachi’s Gintama manga announced on Monday that the new Gintama anime series will premiere on July 8. The previous anime premiered last October, and began with the “Porori Arc” story,…

Gintama anime confirmed ending in March

Gintama anime confirmed ending in March

Gintama is one of those titles anime fans tend to have strong feelings about. The action-comedy title has been around for years, and its whacky parodic style has become famous. After a long run, the series is set to end…

Report: ‘Gintama’ Manga Announces Its End

Gintama anime entering the critically acclaimed Assassination Arc this December

Gintama has been in the middle of its final arc for the last few months, and unfortunately, the series soon will be officially coming to an end. According to a report for Twitter user @YonkouProductions, who’s often clued into the…