ワンピース 916 ネタバレ confirmed spoilers | One piece 916 Raw Leaks Are Out

One Piece Chapter 916 Manga Spoilers 

Before moving towards the One Piece 916 Spoilers, let us gather the happenings of the previous chapter. In the last chapter, we have observed the beginning of battle between Urashima, Holdem vs O Kiku, Zoro and Luffy. We were shown two new characters Urashima and Mouseman, along with Holdem and we also learnt about their devil fruit abilities. We know that O Tama has been captured by Holdem, such that he can control the lion under his belly. Urashima is looking to marry O Kiku at all cost. In the chapter, we also saw Luffy using the Conqueror Haki.

ワンピース 916 ネタバレ confirmed spoilers | One piece 916 Raw Leaks Are Out

One Piece Chapter 916 Manga Spoilers 

In the upcoming chapter, we will see Kiku battling against the Urashima. We are likely to see the essence of the true power of O Kiku. As we are aware of the fact, that Urashima is the Yokozuna of the Wano country. We can also see Luffy and Zoro, helping out Kiku in the battle. On the other hand, Holdem will also join in the battle.

Also, the Trafalgar D Water Law might interrupt the battle in the upcoming chapter. So we are likely to observe a great order of events happening in the Wano country.

One Piece Chapter 916 Manga Release Date

The One Piece Chapter 916, will be released on 3rd September 2018


Bets and Bravery!

Welcome one, welcome all, we’re glad to have you! If you’re new to Bets and Bravery, B&B is a weekly thread on this subreddit where users bet with fake currency, the Beli from in-universe, on what they think will happen in each week’s chapter in a series of bets made by yours truly. I keep track of everyone’s money in a giant Google Sheet, which is available in the links above. So, if you’re new, come over and introduce yourself! But, if you’re a regular on this thread, we’re glad to see you back!

Like last week, the B&B market may be oversaturated since the Results thread only came out like a day ago, but we here at Bets and Bravery Inc. will still strive for consistent greatness!

You know how the past two weeks it’s been difficult for me to come up with good bets? Well, this week was actually a whole new level of difficult! Even as I’m drafting up this post, I only have one original bet down for certain here’s hoping the post has 3 original bets, but I guess I wouldn’t post it without those 3 bets. Wait a minute, what was I talking about?as of now, so please enjoy my mad-lib…

The Bets of the Week

Bet 185

Ok, this blank is for new character. We’ll fill in Urashima. For adverb, we’ll put possibly. For verb, we’ll put–hmm–maybe I’m onto something now.

As you could clearly see by the beginning of my post, I was utterly devastated that wholesome sumo Urashima was disrespected by Kiku, who cut off his topknot. As you may know if you also read chapter secrets (or could see from character reactions), a topknot is a rank of a status, which you cut off yourself if you abandon said status. If a topknot is cut off by someone else, it’s a major disrespect to the victim!

Poor Urashima had just fallen in love with new top-tier waifu and nakama bait Kiku. However, Kiku was opposed to Urashima’s romantic advances, and shut him down in one of the most badass ways possible (rip Zoro x Tashigi, new ship is Zoro x Kiku). However, a true man forgives his woman even when she does something wild. So, let’s see what you think of Urashima, will he forgive Kiku for cutting off his topknot?

  • A. He will forgive Kiku entirely, no punishment whatsoever! Odds 1:4

  • B. He will forgive Kiku, but will have to punish her as payment! Odds 1:3

  • C. This was the last straw, Urashima won’t forgive Kiku! Odds 1:2

Bet 186

I’ve been a big supporter of the gifters this arc, and seeing Holdem in all his Lion-Gifter glory was a real treat. While Holdem seems like a gag character for now, he’s not a headliner just for looks; I guarantee Holdem is really scary when he and his crotch Lion are working together. Seeing him confront Tama with information about her befriending of the Baboon and threaten to extract the source of her power by force really enforced that point. So, answer me this week, will the power of Tama’s Devil Fruit be extracted by Holdem’s interrogation?

  • A. Yes! Odds 1:2

  • B. No! Odds 1:3

  • C. Not yet, but she will be taken away for future inspection! Odds 1:3

Bet 187

As it stands right now, we don’t know if Basil Hawkins reported that Luffy, Zoro, and presumably, the rest of the Strawhat Crew was in Wano. It’s an interesting question: did Hawkins report Luffy’s presence to Kaidou? He could have, but also could not have for his own personal means or that he’s not completely loyal to Kaidou. Regardless, we don’t know if the Strawhat presence is well-known to the Beasts Pirates outside of Hawkins. This means Luffy and Zoro might have had their disguises breached, but that they’re still under Kaidou’s radar, which could potentially be big for a recon or assassination we saw how well the last one worked mission. However, Luffy and Zoro are chasing after Tama, who’s on the Beasts Pirates direct radar. Any conflict could mean risking their presence to Kaidou. So, will this rescue mission by Luffy and Zoro be reported to Kaidou or Shogun Orochi?

  • A. Yes! Odds 1:2

  • B. No! Odds 1:3

  • C. Hawkins already reported Luffy and Zoro! Odds 1:4

Bet 188

This bet is where you can bet how many pages Chapter 916 will feature!

Note: Shounen Jump covers, color spreads, or fan art pages from either Jaimini’s Box or Mangastream are not counted here. Double page spreads are counted as two separate pages.

  • A. 15 or less pages! Odds 1:3

  • B. 16 pages! Odds 1:2

  • C. 17 pages! Odds 1:2

  • D. 18 pages! Odds 1:3

  • E. 19 pages! Odds 1:3

  • F. 20 or more pages! Odds 1:4

Bet 189

Our final bet this week is about the main focus of this week’s chapter! The chapter may cover multiple storylines, in which case, the correct answer will be whichever storyline the chapter gave the most attention to in terms of pages or panels, should it get that close!

  • A. The aftermath of the “topknot incident”! Odds 1:2

  • B. The quest to rescue Tama! Odds 1:2

  • C. Holdem’s interrogation of Tama! Odds 1:4

  • D. Other story lines, such as the other Strawhats, Kin’emon, or something outside of Wano! Odds 1:5

Weekly Mini-Game

Before we get into this WMG, I’d like to throw out a reminder from this week’s results thread. Last week’s WMG was to guess the next 5 gifter types. Since we only got two new gifters last week, Lion for Holdem and Mouse for Mouseman, I’ve decided to passively carry on that WMG. All your responses from that thread are locked, and will be revisited for each new gifter to see if you won any Beli. This means you can possibly win up to 300,000 Beli if you’d correctly guessed the next 3 gifters, best of luck!

Now, for this week’s mini-game. In honor of Urashima’s fallen topknot, this week’s mini-game is all about the newly dethroned Yokozuna. I want you all to guess how many panels Urashima will be present in next week!

Note: Guess any panel number, from 0 all the way to infinity maybe not that high that you believe Urashima will be present in. Whether it’s just his hand or his entire body, any panel with any part of the big man will count.

Guess 100% correctly on this, and you’ll receive a whole 1,500,000 beli! If nobody guesses correctly, the closest answer receives 750,000 beli. If multiple people guess correctly or are evenly close to the correct answer, the bounty is evenly split among them to the nearest 1,000 beli!

End of This Week’s Bets

And with that, we’ve made it through another exciting week of Bets and Bravery! I hope you all enjoyed what we had this week, as I enjoyed making B&B for you! Now, please listen to the following tutorial:

Here’s an example of a good comment:

I retreated earlier because of the weird aura those bets had, but I absolutely want to make money in Bets and Bravery!

50,000 on 185C

20,000 on 186A

30,000 on 187A

1,000,000 on 188C

1,000 on 189A

A brilliant strike!! Next issue, B&B will see me at the top of the leaderboard!!

Notes and Reminders

  • Are you new to Bets and Bravery? If so, welcome, we’re always glad to see newcomers! As a welcoming gift, you get to start off with 1,000,000 Beli to bet however you want!

  • Are you in a rut and seriously in need of money due to bad bets or frozen bets? Do you wish you could get the debt collectors off your back? While I can’t help with that, I can loan you 10,000 Beli for each edition of B&B so you can keep playing the game!

  • Please bet in multiples of 1,000 beli!

  • Please bet on only one outcome (A, B, C, etc.) per bet (170, 171, 172, etc.)!

  • Place all bets before spoilers drop for the chapter, cheating is a big no-no!

  • Have any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas for future bets? Send me a message and I’ll get right back to you!

Thanks for Participating!

Thank you all for dropping by my thread this week to play or just to spectate! I’m truly grateful that you stopped by and supported my work here at Bets and Bravery, and I hope I keep living up to your expectations!

I wish you all good luck on this week’s bets, and I will see you back later this week after tha chapter drops and the results thread is out for you all to see how you did! Until next time!


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