10 Anime Series With the Twistiest Plot Twists

Who doesn’t love a good plot twist? Anime series that twist their plot are often the kind of series where it is really hard to watch it while it is currently airing. You want to just binge it because you need to know what happens next. It is those twists and turns that draw you in and keep you glued to the screen. So if you are looking for captivating anime, let these series capture you.

From the New World

from the new world animeme

While the biggest plot twist doesn’t come until near the end of this series, it has plenty of smaller ones until then. Furthermore, it is a show that loves to throw a bunch of questions at you, but does eventually answer many of them. As you want to see the answer to all these questions, you keep watching. As the characters grow and change, you learn much about this unique world.

Attack on Titan

attack on titan anime

Attack on Titan drew people in with some very immediate brutality, but it also created an enthralling and dynamic world. That being said, many people weren’t expecting some of the more major twists later on. Furthermore, fans will see that it just gets even more plot twisty as it goes on and explores more into titans.


Erased anime

Erased is one big game of guess the killer. It is exciting to watch the main character struggle to change his past and erase some of his regrets. Yet, even if you think you know the killer, their actual identity is probably something you didn’t expect.

The Promised Neverland

the promised neverland anime

Combine a bunch of kids confined to a small plot of land, then reveal a potentially grizzly fate waiting for them all, and you have something enthralling. You want to discover why their world is what it is, but you also root for them to succeed in their endeavors.


There are many times where Monster is more like a western TV show than an anime. The mystery in this series takes the characters all over the world on a compelling hunt for answers. However, for every answer, there are ten more question

Madoka Magica

Anime Series Like Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Madoka Magica is not what I seems. You discover this rather quickly, but that is not the only plot twist that will come to light, it is just the one that draws you in. A new take on the magical girl genre, this dark series has plenty of dark secrets for you.


ACCA 13 is a political thriller that is literally built on plot twists. The politically-themed mystery provides more intrigue than you are ready for, and like any political thriller, you want to watch to see the ultimate plan of this mystery.


anime series like steins gate

You can’t have time travel without a few shocking plot twists. In fact, this series is built on cause and effect, which creates more than a few unpredictable results as they mess with their timeline trying to get the results just right.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

jojos bizarre adventure anime

If you have put this show off, now is the time to watch it. There is a reason it has such a passionate fanbase, and it is not for the overly manly character designs. As the series follows the different generations of a family, there is plenty of history and plot twists to go along with it.

Land of the Lustrous

land of the lustrous anime

While this show gets off to a slow start, a plot twist happens pretty early in that makes you question everything you had seen thus far. From there, there are no brakes on this plot twist train as it becomes one of the most enthralling and underrated series you have probably never seen.

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