12 Disney Characters Redrawn Pokémon That Are Way Too Cute


6. I’m Almost…There?

Since Tianna grew up around the bayou, a Politoad would definitely be a natural fit for her. Plus Politoad is definitely cuter than most other Pokémon you would find in a swamp!

6.I'm Almost...There?
via DeviantArt / Kuitsuku

7. A Whole New…World?

Since Jasmine already has Raja, you wouldn’t want him to get jealous. Jasmine does have that birdcage in the royal palace, which would be a perfect home for a Pidgey!

7.A Whole New...World?
via DeviantArt / Kuitsuku

8. Hakuna…Matata?

Shinx are an electric Pokémon that are super cuddly and cute, but evolve into the intense form Luxray. Simba is the same way because he starts off as a cub and evolves into the mighty king of the jungle!

via DeviantArt / Kuitsuku

You’ll have to check out the next series of images to see which Pokémon is drawn as The Beast to dance the night away with Belle in a tale as old as time!

9. Beauty and the…um…

Ursaring may be big and fierce, but Belle could get him to show his sensitive side once he sees how big her heart is.

9.Beauty and the...um...
via DeviantArt / Kuitsuku

10. Part Of Your…World?

Magikarp would definitely love living life under the sea with Sebastien, Flounder, and Ariel. Maybe he could even learn to sing to join in on their wonderful underwater musical numbers!

10.Part Of Your...World?
via DeviantArt / Kuitsuku

11. Let It…Go!

Oh my God! Of course, Elsa would have an Articuno in her ice castle! Articuno would be one of the only Pokémon that can withstand the freezing temperatures and her icy touch! She could actually pet Articuno. These two are definitely a perfect pair for each other.

11.Let It...Go!
via DeviantArt / Kuitsuku

12. I’m Gonna…Wreck it!

Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph and Jigglypuff look like they would definitely be best friends. Jigglypuff matches the color scheme in Vanellope’s kingdom of candy!

12.I'm Gonna...Wreck it!
via DeviantArt / Kuitsuku

Main Image via DeviantArt / Kuitsuku


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