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42 Characters That Prove How Badass Women Are In Anime

Think girls in anime are just moeblobs, uguu?



Anime is filled with lolis?



Maybe a different bust size in a harem?



Let these strong female characters break your view, and show you just how awesome women can be in anime.

1. Major Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell)

Image © Production I.G.


2. Clare (Claymore)

Image © Madhouse


3. Revy (Black Lagoon)

Image © Madhouse

4. Nausicaä (Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind)

Image © Studio Ghibli


5. Paprika (Paprika)

Image © Madhouse


6. Noriko Takaya (Top wo Nerae! Gunbuster)

Image © Gainax / Studio Fantasia


7. Lucrezia Noin (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing)

Image © Sunrise



8. Re-I Mayer (Ergo Proxy)

Image © Manglobe

9. Koto (Kyousou Giga)

Image © Toei Animation


10. Utena Tenjou (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

Image © J.C. Staff




11. Sapphire (Princess Knight)

Image © Mushi Production


12. Tsukino Usagi (Sailor Moon)

Image © Toei Animation


13. Holo (Spice & Wolf)

Image © Imagin / Brain’s Base

14. Togame (Katanagatari)

Image © White Fox


15. Makoto Konno (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time)

Image © Madhouse


16. Chihaya Ayase (Chihayafuru)


17. Akane Tsunemori (Psycho-Pass)

Image © Production I.G.


18. Saki Watanabe (From the New World)

Image © A-1 Pictures



19. Hajime Ichinose (Gatchaman Crowds)

Image © Tatsunoko Production


20. Kino (Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World)

Image ©  A.C.G.T.


21. Ohana Matsumae (Hanasaku Iroha)

Image © P.A. Works


22. Akko Kagari (Little Witch Academia)

Image © Trigger


23. Koko Hekmatyar (Jormungand)

Image © White Fox



24. Birdy Cephon  Altera (Birdy the Mighty: Decode)

Image © A-1 Pictures


25. Shiki Ryougi (Kara no Kyoukai)

Image © Ufotable



26. Lain Iwakura (Serial Experiments Lain)

Image © Triangle Staff / Pioneer LDC


27. Mikoto Misaka (A Certain Scientific Railgun)

Image © J.C. Staff



28. San (Princess Mononoke)

Image © Studio Ghibli



29. Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan)


30. Balsa Yonsa (Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit)

Image © Production I.G.




31. Youko Nakajima (The Twelve Kingdoms)

Image © Studio Pierrot


32. Kurisu Makise (Steins;Gate)

Image © White Fox


33. Maka Albarn (Soul Eater)

Image © Bones


34. Hana (Wolf Children)

Image © Madhouse / Studio Chizu


35. Saber (Fate/Zero)

Image © Ufotable


36. Canaan (Canaan)

Image © P.A. Works


37. Yona (Akatsuki no Yona)

Image © Pierrot



38. Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)

Image © Sunrise


39. Kyouko Mogami (Skip Beat!)



40. Nana Osaki (Nana)

Image © Madhouse


41. Homura Akemi (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica)

Image © Shaft



42. Ryuuko Matoi (Kill la Kill)

Image © Trigger


And there are WAAAAY more badass female characters out there. We most likely will make a Part 2 so leave suggestions in the comments!

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