8 Epic Parent-Child Face-Offs in Anime

There are some pretty bad parents in anime, but things don’t usually come to blows. However, in more action-oriented series where the children are often imbued with great power, sometimes they do! When you have a bad parent, you know a beat down is in their future in these series.

Vegeta Versus Trunks in Dragon Ball Z/Super

Vegeta beats on his son several times throughout the Dragon Ball canon. He beats on him as a kid, and he woops his future self a few times times. The best fight happens in Super in which Future Trunks wants to defeat Black, and asks his father for help. Being Vegeta, he only agrees if Trunks can land a blow. Trunks technically wins, but Vegeta still beats on him pretty bad, as he always does.

Sanji Versus Judge in One Piece

Judge is a monster. Sanji, his third son, was supposed to be born physically superior and also completely emotionless due to his experiments. It didn’t work out like that. However, things don’t come to blows until Judge tries to force him to marry.

Satsuki and Ryuko Versus Ragyo in Kill la Kill

Ragyo’s ultimate goal was to breed children infused with life fibers to take over the world. You originally are meant to believe that Satsuki is down with her plan, but she sides with her newly found sister in the final fight. What results is a glorious clash with more skin than you would expect. Well, at that point in Kill la Kill, maybe you would expect it.

Gaara Versus the Kazekage in Naruto

Gaara’s father, the old Kazekage, had been sending assassins after his son since he was a wee child. However, this fight doesn’t technically come until after the Kazekage’s death, as he was revived for the Shinobi War. It ended up more touching than one would have expected.

Lelouch Versus Charles Vi Brittainia in Code Geass

charles zi britannia from code geass

As a show about a son rebelling against his emperor father, you knew a clash was coming sometime. However, the reason for the clash was…Unexpected. Regardless, after discovering his father’s plot, Lelouch takes out his father and mother in one fell swoop of parricide.

Rin Versus Satan in Blue Exorcist

Rin was specifically bred to be a vessel for his father, Satan. Instead he ends up being taken in by an exorcist and pushed towards the path of good. However, Satan, in an attempt to lure his son back, takes control of his foster father. The battle ends in tears, but things do not go according to Satan’s plan.

Shinichi Versus Nobuko from Parasyte

One of the most heart-rending moments in Parasyte comes when Shinichi’s mother becomes taken over by a parasyte. She was so adamant on protecting him before this, but the parasyte inside her has other plans. After allowing his emotions to almost get him killed, he does what needs to be done.

Baki Versus Yujiro in Baki the Grappler

grappler baki anime

The ultimate goal of this anime is for Baki to become strong enough to defeat his father. As such, they clash several times throughout the series to mixed results. Although the final battle is the most exciting, does Baki eventually reach his goal?

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