A Beginner’s Guide To Anime Figurines And Top Brands To Get

A Beginner’s Guide To Anime Figurines And Top Brands To Get

A popular hobby among anime fans is collecting anime character figurines. With so many different varieties of figure, and with so many different variations of character figure designs it’s easy to amass an impressive collection. For someone starting to buy figurines it’s easy to be spoilt for choice, so here’s a small guide to the types of figures available.

Acrylic Stand Figures

A Beginner’s Guide To Anime Figurines And Top Brands To Get

For those on a budget these are a good starting point as they usually cost less than $10. Acrylic Stand Figures are basically 2D printed acrylic cut outs of characters. The artwork is pretty nice and you won’t need to worry too much about them getting damaged either. They also tend to be quite small so they won’t take up as much space as other figures.

Funko Figures

A Beginner’s Guide To Anime Figurines And Top Brands To Get

Due to the popularity of the brand it’s easy to start a collection with Funko figures. The most noticeable product they offer are Funko Pops, but they do also have a wide range of blind-bag mini figures, action figures and other varieties of vinyl models. The choice of characters is huge too.  You can find them in most comic shops, and other places that sell pop culture merchandise.

Chibi Figures

A Beginner’s Guide To Anime Figurines And Top Brands To Get

Small figurines depicting anime characters in a simplified, cute chibi style are very popular with collectors. They often come with replaceable parts and poseable joints so they’re great to display. The most popular brands of chibi figures include CuPoche and Nendoroid, and while new figures can cost around $45 you can find them for a lot less if you shop around.

Action Figures

A Beginner’s Guide To Anime Figurines And Top Brands To Get

With a big range in quality and price, poseable action figures are a common collector’s item across many franchises. From simplistic toys to fully detailed and articulated models there’s a lot to choose from. With all the options for poses too it’s easy to make fun displays with action figures. One popular brand is Figma.

Prize Figures

A Beginner’s Guide To Anime Figurines And Top Brands To Get

These are figures made to be prizes in claw-grab games that are a common staple in Japanese arcades, and many companies also sell them online too now. They’re typically made of less-breakable materials than most scale figures so they’re often cheaper too. Still, these figures are just as detailed as some of the more expensive models available and can be a great affordable alternative.

Scale Figures

A Beginner’s Guide To Anime Figurines And Top Brands To Get

Easily the most iconic feature of every collection! Scale figures are perfect scale models (often 1/6 or 1/8 scale) of characters that are often beautifully detailed. These are the best option if you’re looking for the best depiction of your favourite characters, however they are also the most expensive option (some of these figures sell for over $300.) If you’re willing to splash out on a beautiful sculpture then scale figures really are worth it.

My best advice for someone looking into buying anime figures is this: find a style you like, work to your budget and make sure you have a space to display your new models. Whether you want a mini-shrine to your favourite character or you’re aiming to build up a shelf-filling collection of beautiful models there’s sure to be enough out there to satisfy you. Happy collecting!

A Beginner’s Guide To Anime Figurines And Top Brands To Get

Japanese anime figure brands have a knack for encapsulating the essence of your favorite characters into covetable collectibles. With thousands of figures to choose from, however, how is an English-speaking otaku to navigate the vast world of possibilities? While our list is far from conclusive, it represents the most time-honored and best-selling figure series manufactured in Japan. Read on to decide which series to begin your collection with!

Max Factory

Established in 1987, Max Factory first gained fame as a garage kit manufacturer. While it still produces model kits through its PLAMAX line, today Max Factory more often creates scaled, fix-posed and posable figures.


A Beginner’s Guide To Anime Figurines And Top Brands To Get

Max Factory’s most popular series Figma is a collection of affordable, articulated “hand-size” figures that don’t compromise on the finer details. Using soft plastic, Figma joints provide a flexible range of motion that allows for a multitude of dynamic action and standard poses. Each figure is packaged with an array of props and face plates, which can be swapped with other Figma characters, further adding to the creative possibilities.

Good Smile Company

In addition to distributing Max Factory’s successful Figma series, Good Smile Company is best known for its patented Nendoroid line and respective accessories series and spin-off miniatures, Nendoroid More and Nendoroid Petite.


A Beginner’s Guide To Anime Figurines And Top Brands To Get

Currently featuring over 1,100 famous faces from Japanese anime, manga, and video games, Nendoroid shrinks characters down to 10 centimeters of pure kawaii. Equipped with basic articulation and as many miniature accessories and expressions as their Figma counterparts, Nendoroid figures also feature interchangeable pieces. Whether you want to enlist Hinata into the Survey Corps or have Captain Levi become Karasuno’s ace, the customization and display possibilities are nearly as limitless as your imagination.

Square Enix

Specializing in JRPG, superhero, and shonen series, Square Enix manufactures variations of three primary figure lines: Static Arts (fixed-posed bust or full-scale figures), Trading Arts (blind box figures), and Play Arts (articulated action figures), which are its most popular product.

Play Arts

A Beginner’s Guide To Anime Figurines And Top Brands To Get

Play Arts was discontinued in 2012 after a successful nine-year run to be reimagined as the Play Arts Kai series. However, the original line continues to be a goldmine for collectors of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Star Ocean. Durable, highly detailed, and more affordable than their upscale successor series, Play Arts collectibles conserve shelf space (standing approximately 16–23.5 centimeters tall) while also faithfully capturing the animated looks of its characters.

Play Arts Kai

A Beginner’s Guide To Anime Figurines And Top Brands To Get

Inheriting Play Arts’ legacy, Play Arts Kai significantly expands the series’ list of properties while also growing to a towering 1/7th scale and packing in more exchangeable props and parts. Over 26 points of articulation, ratcheted joints, and an edgy pseudo-realistic look make these figures a striking addition to your collection—whether posed on a shelf or sealed within the premium Velcro-clasp display boxes. Alternate Variant editions of some figures are produced in limited runs, and many are crafted by world-famous character designers, like Tetsuya Nomura.


Establishing a foothold in the figure market with its meticulous sculpts, Kotobukiya produces an impressive spread of collectibles based on both Japanese and international properties. Anime otaku will take special interest in Kotobukiya’s ARTFX J and ANI*STATUE scaled lines, as well as its articulated, chibi-proportioned Cu-Poche series.


A Beginner’s Guide To Anime Figurines And Top Brands To Get

Crafted from PVC and ABS for a polished finish, ARTFX J figures put fan-favorite characters in dynamic poses, often paired with symbolic imagery. The majority of these figures are intended to be purchased as double or triple sets (for example, Vash and Wolfwood from Trigun can be connected at their bases for a back-to-back, gun-slinging showdown). But whether displayed solo or as an ensemble, each flamboyant 1/7th- or 1/8th-scale piece conveys the lifelike details of its inspiration, down to the smallest metallic belt buckle.


A Beginner’s Guide To Anime Figurines And Top Brands To Get

ANI*STATUE figures are the ultimate guilty pleasure for fans of Japanese light novels, visual novels, and mobile games. This 1/7th- and 1/8th-scale series not only impeccably replicates the likenesses of less mainstream characters, but also brings their worlds to life with intricate “special effects,” precise painting, and atmospheric bases. As the majority of these high-end collectibles feature female characters, you’re likely to find a faithful rendering of your waifu in all her splendor.

Bandai Namco Group

Bandai Namco Group is a merger of two of the most prominent toy manufacturers in Japan, and is perhaps best known for its MegaHouse scaled figures. Its other prominent series include the articulated S.H. Figuarts figures and world-famous Gashapon blind box trading figures.

Bandai S.H. Figuarts

A Beginner’s Guide To Anime Figurines And Top Brands To Get

Fans of shonen, magical girl, and other superpower-themed series need look no further than S.H. Figurarts to get their action-packed fix. This line is a favorite of collectors because of its generous assortment of weaponry and special effect accessories. Whether you pose Goku launching a Kamehameha wave or Naruto whirling up a Rasengan barrage, you can articulate any high-octane scene or mid-air pose with the help of S.H. Figuarts’ sturdy transparent stand.

MegaHouse G.E.M.

A Beginner’s Guide To Anime Figurines And Top Brands To Get

If you want to appreciate your fictional favs in all their motionless magnificence, MegaHouse’s G.E.M. series offers 1/8th-scale profile sculpts that provide an uncluttered view of the characters’ costumes, weapons, and expressions. An especially alluring line for male figure enthusiasts, MegaHouse manufactures its collectibles from a broad list of properties, often creating sets of heroes, villains, rivals, and teams from the same series.

MegaHouse Portrait.of.Pirates

A Beginner’s Guide To Anime Figurines And Top Brands To Get

Since its maiden voyage in 2004, the Portrait.of.Pirates (P.O.P) series has widely been considered the ultimate buried treasure for One Piece figures. P.O.P offers hundreds of (mostly) 1/8th-scale figures in multiple sublines, including the original Excellent Model collection, and the popular Sailing Again series based on the characters’ appearances after the two-year timeskip. The ultimate prize, however, is the coveted Excellent Model LIMITED line, which appropriately consists of highly limited runs.


With humble beginnings as an inconspicuous shop in Japan, Kaiyodo quickly became a worldwide specialist in anime character garage kits and action figures. Kaiyodo’s lead sculptor Katsuhisa Yamaguchi is the namesake for its most popular figure series.

Revoltech Yamaguchi

A Beginner’s Guide To Anime Figurines And Top Brands To Get

The adrenaline-fueled heart of the Kaiyodo brand, Revoltech is a portmanteau for “Revolver Technology,” in reference to the figures’ unique “Revolver Joint” articulation that allows for dynamic derring-do poses as well as stable stances. Shonen and seinen character collectibles are Revoltech’s specialty, and the 15-centimeter figures come armed to the teeth with special effects, weaponry, and other props, so you can depict them suspended in a blaze of glory. Fans of miniatures will also go ballistic for the Revolmini series, which includes all of Revoltech’s elements in a more compact scale.

Where to Find the Best Japanese Anime Figure Brands

Whether you’re making your first foray into the world of anime figures or expanding your already-massive collection, FROM JAPAN can help you with your hunt! Shop our listings featuring Japan’s best anime figure brands, and we will ship your dream collection straight to your door.

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