Anime Series Like Remake Our Life

As an adult, Kyouya Hashiba left his office job to pursue a career in the video game industry. However, although he tried every role, nothing has worked out. Even with the bright potential of a popular game he got a job on after giving up, the division closes down abruptly. Now moving back in with his parents, he wishes he had gone to the arts university he had gotten into instead of the safer business university he chose so that perhaps he could have trained with the similarly aged Platinum Generation of hit game makers. Upon falling asleep one night, he wakes up as a high school graduate again getting ready to make his choice on which university to attend.

A familiar plot with a game production spin. If you are looking for more anime recommendations like Remake Our Life, then head on down below.

For Fans of Redoing Life


Arata Kaizaki is an unemployed 27-year-old that has thus far been living with the financial support of his parents and part-time jobs. After leaving his first job after only three months, he has not been able to find proper work. However, after a night of drinking with his friends, he meets a mysterious man that offers a drunk Arata a pill that will turn him 17 again so that he can redo a year of his youth, all expenses paid. Will Arata find what he needs to live a happy life after one year in high school again?

Both series follow men that dwell in an unhappy adult life, but are given a chance to rehabilitate themselves through going back to school. In ReLife, he takes a pill that makes him look young, so it is not the same type of time travel. Regardless, both shows focus on the relationships that are built in those school years.

anime series like orange


One day Naho receives a letter from herself, one sent from ten years in the future. It details a series of events that transpire in her group of friends, starting with the appearance with the transfer student Kakeru Naruse and ending with his death. The letter instructs her to try and change the future in order to save him and ease the regrets of her future self.

Unlike Remake Our Life where the tone is much more upbeat and hopeful, Orange is much more melancholic since their future involves the death of a friend. That aside, both do end up being time travel romances where the characters are given a chance to redo their actions.

iroduku anime

Iroduku: The World in Colors

In this world, there is only a small amount of magic left. Hitomi is a descendant of an old witch family who lost her emotions and ability to see color at a young age. Feeling bad for her granddaughter, the great witch Kohaku sends her into the past where interactions with her young self and Kohaku’s friends will hopefully foster some growth in her granddaughter.

Iroduku places much more of a focus on drama and feelings, but like Remake Our Life, it features a character sent back in time to better their future through building new relationships.

For Fans of Dorm Friend Groups

pet girl of sakura hall anime

The Pet Girl of Sakura Hall

Unable to resist taking in abandoned kittens, and amassing quite a collection of them, Sorata Kanda is forced to move to Suimei High School’s infamous Sakura Hall. This dorm is used to house all the misfit students that don’t quite fit in the regular housing. There, Sorata meets an array of different oddballs that inspire him to work towards getting back into the regular dorms and away from them. However, when a new transfer student moves in, he meets the incredible artist, Shiina Mashiro. While talented, she is completely incapable of taking care of herself, and so, Sorata brings her into his care and his strange days truly begin.

Most similarly The Pet Girl of Sakura Hall is about a bunch of students all sharing the same dorm, they also are creative types that do end up working on a game together too. The main character is very much trying to find his place in the creation process much like the main character in Remake Our Life with the focus split between that and romance.

kawai complex anime

The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

Kazunari Usa is a freshman in high school and is living on his own for the first time in a boarding house. However, when he meets his masochistic, bondage-obsessed roommate, Usa is ready to find somewhere else to live. However, just when he is about to leave, he crosses path with his sempai, the beautiful, but bookish Ritsu Kawai that also lives there. He decides to stay.

Both series focus on a bunch of people that all live in the same building. However, they range between a variety of ages in Kawai Complex, which means there is not as much romantic going-ons. However, it does do comedy really well.

honey and clover anime

Honey and Clover

Yuuta, Takumi, and Shinobu all share an apartment with no bath. The low rent is perfect for their poor college student lifestyle. However, while they all have their own lives going on, they always come together for each others.

While not everyone is a creative type like in Remake Our Life, Honey and Clover is about a bunch of college students and their very young adult-type problems. If you enjoyed the character relationships in Remake Our Life, this is your next watch.

For Fans of Creative Struggles

anime series like saekano

Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

Tomoya Aki is your typical otaku who takes on part-time jobs to fund his anime and light novel obsession. However, one day when he was out riding his bike, he catches the beret of a girl and is so captivated by the scene before him that he sets out to create the ultimate dating sim. While he struggles to do so, he eventually recruits three of the school’s most popular girls, who also happen to be good at drawing, writing, and music as well as are otakus themselves. After some debate, each agrees to help make his vision come to life. In this new doujin circle, he also happens across the girl that inspired him, but she was not what he expected and certainly doesn’t stand up to his 2D expectations.

Both series are about making games, but more than that, they are about the drama between the young people working on them. Saekano is more your standard harem romance, though it isn’t obnoxious about it.

Shirobako anime


The five members of the Kaminoyama High School animation club all make a pledge to make their project for the school cultural festival a huge success, then afterwards move to Tokyo and work in the industry. Fast forward two years in the future and two members have made their dream a reality, but making anime is no easy task.

While Shirobako is about making anime instead of making games, both series approach the idea in a realistic way. Making these two things are hard, and every project has problems. You also get a glance at the lives of people who do this work as well, reminding you that real people are behind every new anime and game.

new game anime

New Game!

Ever since she was little, Aoba Suzukaze has been in love with one game series in particular. So it should be no surprise when she graduates high school that she goes and works for the company that makes it. This is about her adventures in game making and the oddballs that work within.

Both series are about making games! However, while there are many stumbles along the path for those in Remake Our Life, New Game is more a comedy. It does highlight various hardships, but is skips a lot of character relationship drama.

Do you have more anime recommendations like Remake Our Life? Let fans know in the comments section below.

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