Asuha Chigusa (千種 明日葉) She Has Brother Complex But Still a Good [Waifu Material]

Asuha is Kasumi’s younger sister. Normally, she is a lethargic everyday daughter, but on occasion when she grabs hold of a gun, she becomes trigger happy. Her weapons of choice are dual wield guns. As for her ability, she is able to control how objects move.

Appearance: Asuha has long messy red hair that is tied with a black hair band,her eyes are also red and she wears her uniform with a pink Jacket wrapped around her waist.

Personality: Asuha is a cool laid – back tom boyish girl who is particularly cold to her brother Kasumi , though it is shown that deep down she really cares for him.

Asuha is the younger sister of Kasumi. Kasumi does care about his sister and tries to protect her at all costs.

It is also hinted that she might have feelings for him.

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