Crazy Fans Discovered Real-Life One Piece Characters

Few comic fans would say that One Piece isn’t one of their favourites.

Though many characters in One Piece share a hilarious out-looking, as a self-claimed huge fan, did you know that they actually have a real life prototype?

The writer and illustrator of One Piece, Eichiro Oda, had once revealed that many of the One Piece characters are based on real-life public figures and celebrities, he created a different type of treasure hunt for his legions of fans.

After what must’ve been hours of research, one crazy fan from Hamusoku came up with this concise gallery. Check out the characters in more detail below…

Mikhail Gorbachev – The Gorosei ( Five Elder Stars)

Eminem – God Enel

Jim Carrey (Lloyd Christmas) – Mr.2 BonClay

Steven Tyler – Jango

Twiggy – Miss Valentine

Joey Jordison – Basil Hawkins

Michael Jackson – Hody Jones

Freddie Mercury – Peeply Lulu

Jim Carrey (Ace Ventura) – Franky

Lenny Kravitz – Mr.5

Al Capone – Capone Bege

Hugo Boss Model – Paulie

Mick Foley – Spandam

Valentino Rossi – Trafalgar Law

Michel Polnareff – Don Quixote Doflamingo

Kunie Tanaka – Kizaru

 Stevie Ray Vaughan – Postgas D. Ace

Tim Curry (Dr. Frank N. Furter) – Emporio Ivankov

 Louise Brook – Nico Robin

Uma Thurman (Mia Wallace) – Shakky

Danny DeVito (The Penguin) – Dr. Hogback

Bunta Sugawara – Akainu/Sakazuki

Daft Punk – Killer

Hulk Hogan – Whitebeard

Harvey Keitels – Rob Lucci

Mahatma Gandhi – The Gorosei ( Five Elder Stars)

George Clooney – Iceburg

Jean Rochefort – Gun Fall

Cruella de Vil – Inazuma

Dude, youDude, you’re such a genius!

Have you guys thought of more characters in One Piece that has a real life prototype?


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