Cross Ange Part Two Visual Revealed Cross Ange Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo

Cross Ange Part Two Visual Revealed

The official twitter account for Sunrise’s mecha TV anime has revealed a new visual for the second part of Cross Ange. The second part of Cross Ange will begin airing from episode 13 on the 3rd of January.

After eight years of not performing anime theme songs, Yoko Takahashi who is majorly known for performing Neon Gensis Evangelion‘s opening theme Cruel Angel Thesis will return to perform the second opening theme song titled Truth of the Apocalypse. Nana Mizuki will perform the second ending theme song titled End of the Love Song.

Cross Ange Part Two Visual Revealed Cross Ange Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo

Past visual:

Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo also known as simply Cross Ange is a Japanese mecha anime television series produced by Sunrise and began airing from October 2014. A manga adaption began publication in August 2014.

A manga adaptation of the series started publication in August 2014 in the Japanese ComicWalker website.


Due to humanity obtaining the data technology that has evolved to a great amount—called “Mana”—the human race is able to subjugate all wars, starvation, pollution, and other problems on Earth by using its power, which is similar to magic. Earth has obtained the utopia of complete peace and no wants.

First princess of the Misurugi Empire, Angelize. As with everyone else, she also had no wants or worries. She was celebrated by the people of the empire, and was supposed to wear the crown. However, she realizes the shocking truth that she is a Norma. “Norma”: An irregular existence that cannot use Mana, and are treated as heretics and as “things” rather than people. Having everything stolen from her, she isolates herself on a remote island.

What was waiting for her there was a fateful meeting with a group of Norma girls who know nothing but battle. The girls spend their days riding humanoid robot weapons called “Barameiru” hunting giant dragons that have come from another dimension to invade. Having her name taken from her, what will soldier Ange see at the end of the fight? What can she believe in? What will she obtain? The story of a single girl’s fortitude starts now.

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