‘Dragon Ball’ Reveals Mr. Satan’s Original Sketches


The anime fandom is huge in case of Dragon Ball franchise, and almost everyone who loves anime has once heard of Dragon Ball in their lifetime. Considered as the epitome of action animes, Dragon Ball franchise is loved by all age groups courtesy of its high defying actions and lovable characters. Most of the characters have submitted their legacies, and Mr. Satan is not an unfamiliar name.

‘Dragon Ball’

‘Dragon Ball’ Reveals Mr. Satan’s Original Sketches

Mr. Satan’s overconfidence and attitude of being superior to others has provided fans with great comic relief, and despite being a little annoying, fans do love Mr. Satan or else who would be there to defeat Goku? Recently, fans got to see the real character designs of Mr. Satan.

Shueisha just provided the rough sketches of Mr. Satan drawn by Akira Toriyama, and thanks to @Herms98, fans got to see the artwork. The sketch portrays Mr. Satan’s in his different angles, the ones on the left are the close-up shots with different hairstyles.

The afro look is what makes Mr. Satan complete, and the bald and long hairstyles just make him totally unrecognizable. The bald one looks so much similar to Nappa the only difference being the mustache.

The other two sketches are the actual sketches of Mr. Satan in his martial arts attire and world championship belt around his waist with the famous afro look. @Herms describes the sketch as, “He’s a bit taller than he would later become, but it didn’t take Toriyama long to zero in on the final design for Earth’s true savior.”

Currently, Dragon Ball franchise is extremely busy preparing for its upcoming first ever Dragon Ball Super Movie. Recently, new characters of the movie who happens to be the soldiers of Freeza were revealed. Dragon Ball Super Movie will also feature a new mysterious Saiyan who’ll be the main antagonist of the movie. “According to Dragon Room chief Akio Iyoku, the DBS movie will have a “multilayered” story with parts set in both the past and present and multiple settings. Toriyama’s provided the story and over 20 sheets of designs, including characters, machines, and at least one new planet.”

Dragon Ball Super Movie will focus on the origins of the strongest race in the world, the Saiyans and the origins of Goku’s Power. Dragon Ball Super Movie will be releasing on 14th December 2018.


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