Feast Your Eyes on Attack on Titan 4D Trailer!

Universal Studios Japan is about to be hit by an enemy of titanic proportions. Feast your eyes on all of the epicness that awaits in Attack on Titan: THE REAL!

On January 23rd, Osaka’s Universal Studio’s Japan will be launching a series of Cool Japan attractions based on Attack on Titan,Evangelion, Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Monster Hunter.

“The Real” Attack on Titan 4D experience will offer a Survey Corps eye’s view of a battle between a 15-meter (49 ft) tall proportionally accurate figure of protagonist Eren in his Titan form and the 14m Female Titan as well as the view from a Titan’s victim. CG “Clone-oid” Levi and Mikasa and Armin guide visitors.

There will also be a model reproduction of the “Titan that ate Eren’s mother.” Take our advice and start practicing your best “about to be eaten by a Titan face” so you’re ready to take amazing photos as soon as you get there.

In addition, Universal Studios Japan has utilized their superior technological tools to create incredibly lifelike “Clone-oid” figurines of fan-favorite characters Levi, Mikasa, and Armin.

The studio released a new trailer for the Attack on Titan attraction. The trailer, which is a 15-second teaser, shows off the 3D CGI that will be used in the feature itself.

It will absolutely be interesting to see how audiences react to the 4D giants.

After a few hours of taking in the sights, you’ll probably be ravenous–but never fear, because Universal Studios Japan has got your back with their limited-time lineup of Attack on Titan-themed nibbles.

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