Hentainime?? How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 2 LIVE FULL REACTION

Just watched “How NOT to summon a Demon Lord” and so far it was a fun watch. I don’t care if its a “Trash” show. so long if its enjoyable

I would recommend it personally. It’s got a lot of humor and over the top eroticism but, I still think it has a great story. It’s far from hentai, just to make it clear. The sensuality of the females is meant to contrast the antisocial, and never really talked to girls, nature of the protagonist, Diablo. I see a lot of negative opinions about the show/manga/light novel because of diablo’s overall timid attitude towards every situation but, I actually relate a lot to him since I’m a gamer, antisocial and don’t ever date anyone. It’s got great action and suspenseful sequences. He’s supremely overpowered. Though, he has an occasional enemy that gives him a lot of trouble and has to rely on his ability as a gamer to strategize in many situations. The manga and anime are stopped at exactly the same point currently, though, I expect the manga to be ongoing. No telling when the next season of the anime will start as the season finale just aired. If you like it, I strongly recommend reading the light novel as well. In continues the story much further than the other 2 versions, while following the same storyline. There are 10 volumes so far and it is also an ongoing series.

Demon Slayer | OP | “Gurenge” by LiSA HD

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