Japanese Fans Rank Top 10 “Too Scary Video Games”


In a recent poll, 300 Japanese netizens were asked to rate the video games that they considered to be “too scary”, and some of the results were surprising. In reverse order of least “too scary” to most “too scary”, the results were:



10. The Famicom Detective Club series.



09. The Shin Megami Tensei series.



08. The Silent Hill series.



07. The Metal Gear series. (?)



06. The Clock Tower series.



05. The Fatal Frame series.



04. The Siren series.



03. Otogirisō.



02. The Banshee’s Last Cry series.



01. The Resident Evil series.


Polls are often a populatiry contest, so it’s not terribly surprising that Resident Evil comes in at number one.


Still, it’s interesting to see out-liers like the Metal Gear series (action games with espionage elements) and the Shin Megami Tenseiseries (Japanese RPGs) considered as “too scary”. The prevalence of old school “sound novel” games is also interesting.



What do you think? Which video games do you think deserve the description of “too scary”?


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