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My Top 10 Anime That Aren’t That Appealing To Me

I watch a lot of anime, and I gravitate toward certain kinds of anime. Cute girls doing cute things, fantasy, slice-of-life, anything involving cute waifus. But, there are some anime I encounter that don’t appeal to me that much. However, they still gave a very enjoyable watching experience. I’ll review my 10 favorite anime that don’t appeal to me that much.

10. The Tatami Galaxy

Starting off this list is arguably the least appealing anime I have ever watched. The thing that appealed to me the most about The Tatami Galaxy is the lack of violence. The time loop plot element is kind of cool. Other than that, the lack of colors, a predominantly adult cast, and being mostly about stuff I’m not that interested in have made The Tatami Galaxy an anime unlike any I’ve seen. I still enjoyed it, which surprised me.

Why did I watch it? r/anime contract in 2016.

9. Asobi Asobase

OK, it’s a school anime about school girls doing funny things. This is something I’d normally gravitate towards. However, the type of comedy used in Asobi Asobase has made this anime less appealing to watch. I still had a great time watching it, and I was aware of what I was getting into.

Why did I watch it? Felt like a good follow-up to Daily Lives of High School Boys

8. Barakamon

The sixth anime I watched. I already watched 5 anime that appealed to me. Barakamon lacked the sparkle and colors that the first five anime I watched had, but it still maintained that relaxing slice-of-life tone that was still new to me at the time.

Why did I watch it? Felt like it promoted good messages.

7. Hibike! Euphonium

Yuri fans.

Why did I watch it? I was in the band, and I encountered some art of this anime a few months before it started airing. It initially was moderately appealing to me, but then the yuri fans forever changed my perspective of the anime. “Oh, you didn’t watch it to see anime characters playing musical instruments. You watched it because you’re a yuri fan!” I then skipped out on Season 2.

6. Chi’s Sweet Home: Chi’s New Address

This anime is cute, but it’s a different kind of cute. The art style definitely isn’t a normal anime style. Regardless, this is one of the most kid-friendly anime I ever watched. Like Barakamon, it has this comfy slice-of-life feel to it.

Why did I watch it? I was dragged into an event I didn’t want to go to. I searched for home on my iPhone to get walking directions back home, and then I found Chi’s Sweet Home. I decided to watch it since I had lots of time to waste.

5. Death Note

I heard of Death Note before I got into anime, but I wasn’t that interested in it since it was dark, which is the main reason why this anime made it on the list. Had I decided to dig a little deeper into Death Note at that time, I would have killed to get one.

Why did I watch it? Someone recommended me to watch it in-person.

4. Kino’s Journey (2003)

Another anime that felt pretty dark, I wasn’t too interested in watching Kino’s Journey, even if it was and still is the highest-rated anime of 2003. This anime would later go on to inspire Majo no Tabitabi/Wandering Witch.

Why did I watch it? Its opening theme was featured in Nanahira’s cover album La La Fav!, and I found it interesting that she covered the Kino’s Journey theme song.

3. Silver Spoon

Rural settings tend to be less appealing to me. I want to be near fun spots like shopping malls, arcades, and restaurants. But regardless, I learned a lot about farm life and found the anime to be amusing while still having light drama.

Why did I watch it? It was selected at random.

2. Initial D

OK, I take that back. Settings away from cities can be fun. Street racing on curvy mountain roads with an awesome Eurobeat soundtrack sounds very fun but quite terrifying. Other than that, the character designs are “meh”.

Why did I watch it? I liked Eurobeat, I liked cars, and drifting memes were everywhere around the mid-to-late 2010s.

1. Mob Psycho 100

The character art style of Mob Psycho 100 isn’t something I would exactly call “beautiful”, but its animation is a whole different story.

Why did I watch it? I wanted to watch an anime from 2016 that I felt would be better than New Game! I went with critical reception alone rather than how much an anime would appeal to me. If that’s the case, then I should seek out critically-acclaimed anime for their animation, story, world-building, and character development, regardless of character designs and premise. I still would stay far away from gory and horror anime.

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