MyAnimeList Has Been Hacked And User’s Passwords / Personal Details Have Been Stolen


MyAnimeList hacked for the second time in 3 years and we advise all users to change their passwords immediately to one completely different from any others that they are currently using on any other site / login.

MyAnimeList Hacked – Change Your Passwords

MyAnimeList Has Been Hacked And User's Passwords / Personal Details Have Been Stolen

For those in the know, a popular anime service known as MyAnimeList has been down for an extended period of time, and the unexpected ordeal isn’t sitting well with fans. Mainly because no one knew what exactly is going on.

The ordeal dates back to last week when issues regarding MyAnimeList were noted on May 24. Fans reported they were unable to login to the network accounts, and many were told their profiles were locked. It was at that time the site shut off its API, making third-party apps such as the site’s mobile app inoperable.

MyAnimeList Has Been Hacked And User's Passwords / Personal Details Have Been Stolen

At the time, the issue was not widespread, but things got worse on May 26 when users received an email from MyAnimeList. The message requested users to reset their passwords and warned anyone from duplicating their new password from another service. This note didn’t surprise too many as hundreds of social networking sites have been forced to update their policies and security settings as of late. The alterations have been done to comply with a GDPR stipulation mandating enhancing user privacy. However, it seems something must have gone wrong behind the scenes shortly after these password reset requests went live (via Forbes).

MyAnimeList Has Been Hacked And User's Passwords / Personal Details Have Been Stolen

On May 28, fans learned that MyAnimeList was completely down, and the surprising move happened without any warning. The website’s original message simply said it was undergoing “extensive server maintenance for an undetermined amount of time” and an updated note has since been added.

“The current maintenance period is a result of discovering a point in our security system that merited looking into further for any potential issues. Thus far, we have not found anything significant, but in the best interest of our users, and in an overabundance of caution, the maintenance period will continue until we have concluded our review. Having said that, we hope to have this matter resolved quickly, and will keep you apprised of when the site will be back online via MAL’s official site and social media accounts. We regret any inconveniences caused, and thank you for your patience and understanding,” the page reported. But recently this have spiralled as the site is still down.

MyAnimeList Has Been Hacked And User's Passwords / Personal Details Have Been Stolen

They are yet to release an official statement about the hack as they are concerned about losing fans due to poor security but the issue is yet to be resolved, so if you are a member of the site, be careful login in and don’t forget to change your login details.

Not even the site’s moderators have been updated on a timeline, and parent company DeNA has remained mum on that subject as well.

As expected, fans are growing antsy about the website’s down time, and they aren’t being shy with their mounting frustrations. With the site estimated to bring in more than 100 million users a month, MyAnimeList has become a premiere online forum for the anime fandom, and fans are itching to update their prized watch lists as is.


  1. They are fixing a possible security failure and you are saying that they were hacked? Do you even know how to read? Go back to school.


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