One Piece 931 Spoiler「ワンピース ネタバレ」 第931 Raw Scans, and Release Date





One Piece Chapter 931 is probably the most awaited chapter of Wano Country Act 2 so far. We’ve gotten to see a lot of interesting stuff in this act already, and the last chapter was probably the peak of it.

First of all, the Big Mom Pirates finally made their entry in Wano Country. They were able to deflect everything Kaidou threw at them until King finally decided to show up in his Pteranodon form and knock them out of the air. The ship fell down the Waterfall that it was climbing and Big Mom was seen sinking in the ocean.

One Piece Chapter 931 Spoilers

We also saw Page One wrecking Flower Capital in search of Sangoro, and he was stopped by Sangoro when he came flying out of the air. Law told him not to use his fighting powers unless he is 100% sure that he will win without a scratch. Right now, Sanji is about to make use of the Raid Suit that his family gave to him, and we will see him use it in battle soon.

In One Piece Chapter 931, I think we’ll see Sanji vs. Page One first. Sanji will likely transform into his Raid Suit form and then use his powers to fight Page One. We will see a glimpse of what the Raid Suit is capable of doing. We all know that it is a very powerful tool and it can boost the powers of someone several times.

I think Sanji will use it to finish off Page One quickly, but this is One Piece. Something wrong will go down for sure. I also think that we will see a glimpse of Whole Cake Island, and see if Katakuri is there. If not, we’ll then see the Big Mom Pirates washing up on some shore of the Big Mom Pirates, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens to them.

We may also see some stuff with Orochi and the banquet, and that’s also got me interested. Zoro seems to be busy for now, and I don’t think Ebisu Town will get relevant in the story until later.

One Piece 931 official release date is 4 February 2019. The scans will be out by 1 February 2019.


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