One Piece: Grand Cruise Release Date Revealed

OP has become a major global brand, and that’s why it’s aiming to extend its boundaries. One Piece: Grand Cruise release date was finally revealed for Japan and the Western regions.


This is not the first time that fans will play a game based on One Piece. However, its the first time that the anime and the manga story of One Piece have been adapted to a VR environment which will let fans to experience the famous Pirate world for themselves.

One Piece: Grand Cruise Release Date

According to Bandai Namco’s announcement, the One Piece: Grand Cruise is based on its original story, and it would be released on 24 the May in Japan. They made the announcement on Weekly Shonen Jump’s latest issue.

The Western release date has also been announced, and it will be out on 22nd May, which is two days before its initial release in Japan. The company has already released a trailer for the game featuring Luffy and company facing the likes of the Marines, Kraken and the heavenly demon, Donquixote Doflamingo. From the trailer alone, it can be expected that you’ll feel as a part of the Straw Hats and you’ll be traveling with Luffy and company on Thousand Sunny.

One Piece Grand Cruise Release Date
One Piece: Grand Cruise

Bandai Namco announced last year about the newest One Piece game being on a virtual reality platform. They also provided a little information about the game to give fans an idea of what they can expect.

“A pirate’s life is fun but dangerous,” a description from the game’s site reads. “Go on a journey to the ocean together with the Straw Hat Pirates. The player is an apprentice pirate of the Straw Hat Pirates, and embark on a ‘one day voyage’ on the Thousand Sunny. Adventures and events only unique to virtual reality will unfold, including navy shooting battles and communication events in which you’ll become closer with the Straw Hat Pirates.”

The One Piece: Grand Cruise game primarily will have two battle modes. The first mode is the obvious one, battling against the marines and the second mode is to fight against Kraken before it wrecks Thousand Sunny. In both of the modes, you’ll be playing in the VR environment alongside the whole Straw Hat crew.

You will be able to download One Piece: Grand Cruise on Playstation Store, Xbox Games Store and Steam.

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