One Piece, Saitama and Other Manga Characters as The Avengers

This artist has been working on creating a team of anime avengers. His main focus started as One Piece characters but recently he’s been introducing different anime characters to fit the bill of Anime Avengers.

Yami Yugi as Dr Strange

Izuku as Spider Man

Saitama aka One Punch Man as Vison

Korosensei as Quicksilver

One Piece Avengers Leo as Ant-Man

One Piece Avengers Franky as Iron Man

One Piece Avenger Brook as Agent Coulson

One Piece Avenger Robin as Agent Maria Hill

One Piece Avenger Sanji as Nick Fury

One Piece Avenger Dr Chopper as Hulk

One Piece Avenger Usopp as Hawkeye

One Piece Avenger Perona as Scarlet Witch

One Piece Avenger Nami as Black Widow

One Piece Avenger Rorona Zoro as Thor

One Piece Avenger Sabo the Winter Soldier

One Piece Avenger Captain Luffy 2016


Bonus: Marshall D Thanos VS Captain Luffy

Who’s next for the anime avengers? Let me know in the comments 

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