OnlyFans Models Have Their Jobs Threatened By AI Girlfriends

There have been several examples that we have given of how Artificial Intelligence is beginning to replace humans in different fields, ranging from writing simple school tasks to creating works of art. Examples that have also generated rejection by the affected people, who have banned this technology in schools in the first case and generated virtual protests so that the AI ​​creations are not classified as art, in the second.

OnlyFans models could be in trouble after an AI image generator produced a now-viral snap of stunning camgirls – with some believing the snaps are realistic enough to pass for the real deal.

OnlyFans models could be in trouble as apparent hyper-realistic AI models are threatening to take over the adult platform and put them out of work.

People are commenting:

  • I’d pay for images like this, even if I knew it’s not real.
  • Almost can’t tell tbh, took me a minute to figure it out
  • This is going to kill OnlyFans
  • Ain’t nobody gonna be having kids no more
  • Image generation technologies like deep fakes/DALL-e will completely put OnlyFans out of business

While the women appear conventionally attractive, there were those who did see their imperfection, especially when it comes to mistakes their possible-AI creator made.

An idea that is clearly revolutionary and that may not have taken off enough to know its true impact on OnlyFans, but only time will tell us if Artificial Intelligence actually becomes a rival for this type of Internet model.

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