The 13 Most Addicting Anime Dances You Can Watch All Day Long

The 13 Most Addicting Anime Dances You Can Watch All Day Long

The 13 Most Addicting Anime Dances You Can Watch All Day Long

Unless you are an Idol M@ster, dancing in anime is a fairly uncommon thing. Even those anime series that do have it keep their cute dances to the opening or ending sequences. However, these alluring little dance routines are not just good fodder for cosplayers to break out for that next anime con flash mob, they are also really addicting to watch. They may be sickly cute, but you just… can’t… look… away!

Tsuritama – Enoshima Dance

Best commit this song and dance to memory for that next time you need a distraction. You know when. During all those adventures you have. A good distraction is essential for adventures.

One Piece – Jango’s Dance Carnival

When your power is hypnosis that puts you to sleep more often than it puts others to sleep, the only option to become a memorable semi-antagonist is to create a full-on dance party. It worked. Good on you, Jango.

Princess Tutu – Pas De Deux

This is one of the oldest dances in anime. Since Princess Tutu is about a duck that turns into a ballet dancer and uses dancing to fight evil in the most non-violent way ever, the series is actually chock full of fun dances, albeit fun in a classical way.

Pinky up, chums.

Love, Chunibyou, and Other Delusions – Sparkling Daydream Dance

If Rikka’s double finger twirl and booty jump weren’t addicting enough, Dekomori’s hair twirling will be. Many an anime gif has been made from this OP, and for good reason.

Is This a Zombie? – Zombie Break Dance

Go zombie, go zombie, go! Go zombie, go zombie – Oh… That had to hurt.

Ayumu Aikawa fought valiantly. We will not forget his sweet moves.

Kiss X Sis – Our Steady Boy Dance

This anime may have topped our list as the most perverted anime series ever, but you can’t deny that when these sisters aren’t lusting after their (non-blood related) brother, they can throw down some moves in this super sweet ED.

Brothers Conflict – 14 to 1 Dance

What is absolutely mandatory requirement when you create an anime series that features a 14-member strong reverse harem? You make one of the endings a boy band video. You have to. Unless you are Fruits Basket and you hate fun.

Free! – Splash Free!

This anime may have only been targeting a few select groups of anime watchers, and that is just fine, but you have to admit – those swimmers can shake it.

It is also worth noting this dance comes in hour long and four hour long remixes on Youtube. Because reasons, I guess.

Beyond the Boundary – Idol Song

What do you do when the enemy’s weakness is cute girls who dance and sing? You get your cute girls to dance and sing! Surprisingly, this actually turned out to be one of the nicer anime dance videos out there in terms of both song and animation.

Popotan – Caramell Dans Dance

It is likely that, at some point, you have seen a gif of this song in the signature of an anime forum or some other such place. Now you know where it comes from. It comes from this somewhat NSFW video.

Hamtaro – Hamster Dance

Although possibly more well known for the song, and the many, many remixes (sorry I couldn’t find it in English, apparently the 90’s are over), the Hamtaro dance is still one of the most popular anime dances to date, even if it looks better done by a hamster than a person.

Lucky Star – Motteke! Sailor Fuku

Guys, it’s okay. Even if you hated Lucky Star as a show, it is okay to admit that you found this song and dance irritatingly addicting to watch. It is one of those guilty pleasure songs that you never admit to liking, but it is catchy as flames on gasoline.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Hare Hare Yukai

While its popularity has waned over the years, the Hare Hare Yukai was the dance that set off the trend of anime dances. Sure, there were dances before it, like Princess Tutu, but nothing so addictive. It has been done and re-done by fans and professional groups alike, and honestly, has become a bit immortal.

Did we miss one of your all-time favorite anime dances, either big or small? Post a video of it in the comments section below!

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