The New York Times: ‘A Place Further Than The Universe’ is one of the best TV shows of 2018


A Place Further Than The Universe is definitely one of the best anime of the year, and that’s not just because of them spending an episode here in Singapore. It has gotten much love from critics and fans alike, and now, it’s getting yet another honor. The New York Times recently named their “Best TV Shows of 2018”, and guess what? A Place Further Than The Universe made the list!

A Place Further Than The Universe follows four girls as they journey to Antarctica. Each of these girls have their own reasons for going, but the most central one is Shirase, who is looking for her mother, an Antarctic explorer lost in the frozen continent. Critic Mike Hale, who named the anime as one of this year’s best shows, described the anime as:

a funny and moving coming-of-age story that should translate across all boundaries of age or culture. Never mawkish or contrived, it’s an absolutely authentic depiction of how friendship can overcome adolescent anxiety and grief

Congratulations to Madhouse and the staff of the anime!


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