Top 10 Romantic Comedy Anime

Top 10 Romantic Comedy Anime

Follow the curves and twists of the top 10 romantic comedy anime. Some are bittersweet and others are full of fun and adventure as well as a science fiction flavor. These are handpicked and singled out for their unique manga-anime qualities that are sure to keep you on the edge and a tissue in your hand.

Top 10 Romantic Comedy Anime
Top 10 Romantic Comedy Anime


1.Ai Yori Aoshi (2002)

With the meaning “bluer than indigo”, this is a love story. This unusual love story begins between two friends. These friends haven’t seen each other in years. They started as childhood friends. The leading character of the show is Kaoru Hanabish. He is a university student whose parents never married. The scene is set when Aoi, his long lost love returns and Kaoru’s half-brother steps in between them. Will he win?

2.Aishiteruze Baby (2004)

Kippei who is the leading character is now in charge of his younger cousin Yuzuyu soon after she is abandoned by her mother. This is a wonderful example of how manga and anime successfully blend the seriousness with humorous. This is a difficult task for Kippei because he must now be the “mother” of this child. But unbeknownst to Kippei, he will soon find a young girl named Kokoro who helps him care for his cousin and whom he cares for.

3.Ah! My Goddess (2005)

This manga was adapted into five separate anime in a short period of time. It begins with the core plot which includes Keiichi and Bellandy, and Keiichi asks her be with him forever. This is one of the most interesting series as there is a different theme for each episode. For newcomers to anime, this will surely keep you busy for a while since there are many, many episodes.

4.Kamisama Kazoku (2006)

This is from a series of light novels. The plot is an interesting and exciting adventure. The story begins when Samatarou Kamiyama, a little boy who is the son of a god has to spend time in the human world to learn about the people and the planet. It turns out a scary and humbling experience for Kamiyama. You can’t figure out that he is not human fully at all until comments are made about how he is never hungry and doesn’t feel pain. This is truly an interesting series.

5.Dragonaut the Resonance (2007)

This is a science fiction anime which starts from Jin Kamishina, the leading character, losing his family in a shuttle accident. He is caught up in a project the government is running to stop an asteroid from hitting planet earth. The plot thickens when the very tool the space agency wanted to use turns on towards the people it was made to help. Through this though he meets and grows closer to Toa, a girl who single-handedly saves him from falling to his death.

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