‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Season 4: New Trailer And Major Spoilers!

‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Season 4: New Trailer And Major Spoilers!

‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Season 4: New Trailer And Major Spoilers!

Tokyo Ghoul franchise recently came up with a very new trailer for Tokyo Ghoul Season 4. The 15-second long teaser trailer first got uploaded on the official website of the show. And now, fans are getting pumped up for the release of Tokyo Ghoul Season 4. The trailer already went really viral and If you didn’t watch it yet then most probably, YOU’RE LATE!

Well, we’ve already got the Key Visual for the show. And from what we can see in this Key Visual is the latest stuff that’s going on in the manga, that means the studio is planning to cover up almost 80 chapters in 15 episodes. Well, In the third season, they did cover up 56 chapters. So, maybe.

‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Season 4 Trailer and Update

‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Season 4: New Trailer And Major Spoilers!

I won’t make any more delays and just put the link of the trailer here, so you can watch it without wasting any more time.

Now, I’ve got Major Spoilers for the show that were recently revealed. I won’t give any spoilers before warning you. So the first thing we must cover up is the release date for Tokyo Ghoul Season 4.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 4/ Tokyo Ghoul: re Again Release Date :

The Release Date for Season 4 of Tokyo Ghoul is confirmed to be this October. Yeah, that’s true. October 2018 is confirmed to be the official release date for season 4 of Tokyo Ghoul. Most probably, We will get to see the Episode 1 around Mid-October.

There are no official updates from the show regarding the number of episodes. It can either be a 12-episode season or maybe a 24 episode season. There was a hidden ideology about why they didn’t put everything in season 3 of Tokyo Ghoul. Well, the show was coming back to business after four years. They(studio) weren’t so sure if fans are going to appreciate this show. If they do, they will continue to make the season, and if they don’t.

It’s time to make fans wait again for 2-3 years. Anime may be fun for us fans, but, its a business for the creators. So, they have to think twice before making any decisions. According to what I think, this anime should have 24 episodes. Let us just hope for the best.

Now coming to the Major Spoilers we got from the staff members of the show. If you guys don’t want to read any spoilers regarding Season 4; you may stop reading now.

The Spoiler says a lot from this season. It is said, Eto managed to survive even after taking that fatal blow head on from Kaneki. Hinami is supposed to play a very important role throughout this series. And, Kaneki is expected to grow a lot stronger now. We will see the rivalry and clash of strong power levels. Furuta, the coward that got introduced in Tokyo Ghoul: re is supposed to be the main antagonist in this season.

Well, that’s what we have for now. If you have any queries regarding this article, then let us know in the comments.

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