Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime of All Time


Get ready to punch, kick, and grapple your way through this list, because we’re ranking the best martial arts anime of all time.

Characters in these anime often spend much of their time training to defend themselves or others, participate in competitions of skill, honor their culture, or develop their health and spirituality. Check out our list of top 10 martial arts anime of all time.

10. Katanagatari

Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime of All Time
Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime of All Time

Set in the Edo Peroid (1603-1868), the story follows Yasuri, a well-known swordsman who surprisingly fights without his sword.

On his journey, he comes across the young and ambitious Togame, who wants to help Yasuri on his adventure to collect the deviant blades for the shogunate and fight against other blade-wielders in insane battles.

This anime is sure to be a treat to those who really have a taste for Japanese history, but also who find the art of swordplay to be of interest.

9. Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1/2 tells the story of a sex changing main character Ranma whose curse of turning into a boy/girl is triggered by cold water or hot water.

This is quite a hilarious story, as Ranma is given a chance to choose one of Soun’s three daughters and willfully transforms into a girl to advance his goals.

Comedy, romance, cool fight choreography, and a likeable cast of characters. Ranma 1/2 has enough elements to cast a charming spell on anyone that watches it.

8. Yu Yu Hakusho

One of the most popular shonen anime from the early ’90s, Yu Yu Hakusho centers around the hot-headed Yusuke Urameshi as he becomes a spirit detective. His work is to maintain a boundary between the world of demons and humans.

The fights are hardcore and blend martial arts with the unique gifts each character possesses.



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