Top 10 Male Yandere Anime Characters

Top 10 Male Yandere Anime Characters

In this post, we will be listing Top 10 Male Yandere Anime Characters. Yandere characters are those who exhibit violence to show their love to others. Crazy as it sounds, it is true. They can go to any lengths, even kill, to prove their love to you, and that’s basically what they are completely about. A good example of this would be Yuno from Mirai Nikki. Male Yandere characters aren’t talked about enough, so today we decided to make a list of the best male Yandere characters in anime. Let’s begin!

Top 10 Male Yandere Characters in Anime

10. Light Yagami

Light is someone who everybody knows. Surprised to see him here? You shouldn’t be. Light didn’t really love anyone that he’d be willing to kill for. However, what he truly loved was his goals, and he did kill for those. Ambition can be translated as love too.

Top 10 Male Yandere Anime Characters
Top 10 Male Yandere Anime Characters

9. Kyouji Shinkawa

Sword Art Online has a lot of crazy characters, but this guy was really at the top of the list for some people. He was a stalker and liked Shino as well. He ultimately went on to attempt murder-suicide, and he would’ve succeeded had it not been for Kirito.

8. Griffith

Griffith is a character from Berserk. He has a special place for things that he considers his. He has done crazy stuff because of Guts’ decision to leave the Band of the Hawk, and it led to him being captured and tortured. Later, seeing Guts with Casca, you wouldn’t believe what he went on to do.

7. Seijuro Akashi

Seijiro is from the anime Kuroko no Basuke. He is a guy that wants his team to be perfect, and his aspirations are lofty. However, when he feels like he’ll be left behind, he loses it, and can go over to the crazy side.

6. Rolo Lamperouge

Rolo is a kind boy who plays the role of Lelouch’s brother in Code Geass. Even though he isn’t his real brother, and he knows that he’s being used, he can go to insane lengths for his brother, even killing if he wants to, or sacrificing anything, including himself if the need arises.

Top 10 Male Yandere Anime Characters
Top 10 Male Yandere Anime Characters

5. Keisuke

Keisuke is from the anime Togainu no Chi. He has a close relationship with his childhood friend Akira. He’s not really bold or anything, but when Akira is in trouble, he goes crazy and acts extremely violently.

4. Alois Trancy

Alois Trancy is from Black Butler 2, and he is a really unpredictable guy. When it comes to his Butler Claude, he cares about him a lot. He does experience a lot of mood swings, which lead him to do some brutal things.

3. Vincent Nightray

Vincent Nightray is from the anime Pandora Hearts. Just like Rolo, he does everything that is in his power to protect his brother. This includes gouging eyes out and slashing through people. He’s the definition of Yandere.

2. Toma

Toma is from the anime Amnesia. He is a cool-headed character, but as with all Yandere characters, he has his weakness. When it comes to Heroine, his obsession drives him to do crazy things. He has locked her at his home, and even worse, a cage as well.

Top 10 Male Yandere Anime Characters
Top 10 Male Yandere Anime Characters

1. Shuu Tsukiyama

Shuu Tsukiyama is from Tokyo Ghoul. He is a gourmet ghoul, who has developed a strange affection for Kaneki Ken. While he wants to eat him, he also serves him in any way possible, including killing anyone who would stand in his way. As he says it himself, he is not Kaneki’s shield, but the dagger that’s below his pillow when he sleeps.

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