Top 15 CGI Anime Films

Top 15 CGI Anime Films

Top 15 CGI Anime Films

Anime is awesome! It’s especially awesome when it has excellent use of CGI incorporated in the animation. I’m pretty sure, there are a lot of you who have seen these CGI animated films listed below. If there are some you haven’t seen, I highly recommend you check them out.

This selection was based off of complete CGI production in the animation or in the style of perfect usage to the point of not recognizing the difference. To make things clear, if the creation has more than fifty percent of its animation done with CGI, you bet it’s included here!

Of course, these are based off of the writers selection and in no way reflect the views of HoneyFeed or Honey’s Anime.
I hope you enjoy this selection of “Top 15 CGI Anime Films”and that it continues your search in finding great content to enjoy!

1.) Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

Top 15 CGI Anime Films

This anime film is based on the manga chapter “Robot Rondo”, which starts off with a series of death occurring due to a malfunction with doll-like sex robots called Gynoids.

Section 9 is called in to investigate, with the assumption the Gynoids contain illegal ghosts in their cyber-brains. Believing the Yakuza is behind the acts, they find out the truth lies deep within the LOCUS SOLUS Gynoid company. Batou investigates further and is suddenly the victim of an E-brain hack that causes him to hurts other in confusion.
As Section 9 nears the root of the problem, they discover the secrets of the LOCUS SOLUS and head towards a tanker ship where they operate from.
It’s here where Section 9 finds out the true actions of the Yakuza and LOCUS SOLUS.

2.) AppleSeed

Top 15 CGI Anime Films

This anime film has some good CGI in it.The effects may seem pretty obvious, but it still remains great film to watch.

Taking place after World War 3, an organization known as the General Management Control Office has constructed an experimental city called Olympus, which is inhabited by humans, cyborgs, and biroids. Bioroids are genetically engineered and were created to only serve mankind by running all administrations in Olympus. Meant to be the utopia society, Olympus is seen as less of a utopia and more like a cage.
This is when an Olympus officer sees the truth and conspires with a terrorist group to try and destroy the super computer Gaia, that runs the city!

3.) Vexile

Top 15 CGI Anime Films

This anime film takes place in the 21st century where a robotics industry undergoes an advanced and rapid development. In 2050, Japan has established itself as the leader in robotics technology and manufacturing.
Such advancements in technology include enhancements in the human body that trigger a shift in the opinion of the world. Feeling sketchy about the enhancements, the U.N. investigates the project. Leading Japan to close its borders to the outside world and pursue a policy of high tech national isolation.
Several years later, bizarre events occur involving Japan that enforce the technology police agency, SWORD, to investigate. Little did they know, SWORD would uncover a horrifying truth from the years of isolation.

4.) Final Fantasy: Advent Children

Top 15 CGI Anime Films

This has to be one of the most memorable anime films, ever

Taking place after the events of Final Fantasy VII, the world begins to recover from devastation by working hard towards a new future.
Although, a new threat emerges as three individuals strive to resurrect Sephiroth by using the remains of the extraterrestrial villain, Jenova. One man, with the help of others, seeks to end the destruction and chaos that will be brought upon everyone by the three individuals.
With all of their efforts, they fail to stop them and now have to face the evil that is Sephiroth.

5.) Paprika

Top 15 CGI Anime Films

This has to be one of my favorite anime films.

Taking place in the future where a new and revolutionary psychotherapy treatment has been conceived called PT. With the help of a device called DC Mini, the therapy can act as a dream machine/detective in order to enter into the minds of others and explore their unconscious thoughts.
Before a bill can be passed to allow such a technique to be used on the public, a prototype was stolen which sent the research facility into a frenzy.
If in the wrong hands, the device can be devastating to others with the ability to completely erase a dreamers personality while asleep. Scary!

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