Top Upcoming Anime FALL 2018

And here is the to upcoming anime for this Fall. Sequels aside, some of the new shows actually look interesting.

Thumbnail: To aru majutsu no index

Intro song: “”Shoujo kara Shoujo he” by Tatsuya Kato (Fate Kaleid OST)

Outro song: “Joint” by Kawada Mami

Top 200 Anime Openings of ALL TIME

Yes, it’s finally here !
It’s been a long time I was planning to make this one, but I only started it last week. I was a bit in a rush since I got striked AGAIN this week and I would have not been able to upload it if I get a 3rd strike (and I wouldn’t be surprised if I get it in the following weeks lol).

So, I decided to make a new “Top openings of all time” list .It’s been almost a year and a half I made my previous one, my opinion changed pretty much since then and new openings were out.
This is my biggest list so far, every opening here is great imo (even the lowest ones) and there were even more great openings I wanted to put in this list but well, I only choosed 200 (and I certainly forgot some very good ones aswell). Just don’t forget this a personal opinion.
By the way, sorry for the quality of some openings, they were the only ones I could have found. And youtube doesn’t help either, I don’t know why but the quality of the video is dropping hard sometimes…

Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy it and see you soon (if I don’t get another strike lol) for the new season !

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