Who Are the Top Type of Otaku?

Who Are the Top Type of Otaku?

The Yano Research Institute recently issue a report ranking the top groups of otaku. Their survey was conducted in July and August, taking a sample of 10,000 men and women ages 15 to 69. The report named 26 different kinds of otaku, with the top ten being revealed.

Who Are the Top Type of Otaku?

Anime otaku came in first, with them number 6.85 million people. They were followed by manga otaku at 6.48 million and digital game otaku at 4.54 million.

What’s also interesting is which groups spent the most per person per year. While idol otaku came in fourth place in terms of numbers, they were #1 in terms of spend per person, with ¥93,704, nearly three times the amount of the average anime otaku. They were followed by Disney otaku at ¥53,274, even though ranked tenth in terms of population. Digital game otaku held their #3 spot with ¥48,504.

Check out the rest of the ranking below!

1.Anime: 6.85 million (annual spend per otaku: ¥35,799)

2.Manga: 6.48 million (annual spend per otaku: ¥29,541)

3.Digital game: 4.54 million (annual spend per otaku: ¥48,504)

4.Idol: 3.61 million (annual spend per otaku: ¥93,704)

5.Light novel: 1.36 million (annual spend per otaku: ¥18,648)

6.Figure: 1.28 million (annual spend per otaku: ¥43,964)

7.Doujinshi: 1.16 million (annual spend per otaku: ¥22,483)

8.Plastic model: .92 million (annual spend per otaku: ¥30,755)

8.Seiyuu: .92 million (annual spend per otaku: ¥35,233)

10.Disney: .77 million (annual spend per otaku: ¥53,274)


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