Woman Shows What Standard Hospital Meal Looks Like When She Gave Birth In Japan

Pancakes for breakfast

This woman recently shared a bunch of pictures of her incredible looking meals during a stay at a Japanese hospital, and people are wondering they can get checked in.

The costs were mostly covered by standard insurance and the price was pretty standard for most hospitals in the area.

“My c-section wasn’t planned so the food I got wasn’t really pre-surgery food. I couldn’t eat most of it anyway!” her husband ate most of them:

Lunch while in labour
Post c-section recovery food
post-surgery meal.
French toast for breakfast
Seafood pasta lunch
Afternoon cake
Evening meal
Japanese-style breakfast
Risotto for lunch
Afternoon snack
Birth celebration meal: starters (with non alcoholic sparkling wine)
Birth celebration meal: main course (steak!)
Birth celebration meal: dessert
Soup for breakfast
Pork for lunch
Afternoon snack
Pasta gratin for the evening meal
Final breakfast!

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