The World God Only Knows creator to launch a completely new manga series


After the success of his now-concluded hit romance manga series, The World God Only Knows, manga creator Tamaki Wakaki is set to launch another manga series which sounds like it is completely different from his previous one.

The upcoming manga series is titled Neji no Hitobito, which means “Screw People”, and it will be launched on Weekly Shounen Sunday’s manga website, Ura Sunday.


The new series will follow a boy named Yamato nena, who just keeps worrying about things and keeps on asking about his identity by asking “Just who am ‘I,’ who is nothing at all?”.

This will be Wakaki’s first new series since The World God Only Knows ended on a good note last April 2014. What do you think will the manga be about? Will be expect a new anime from this? Only time will tell.




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