16 Ultra Violent Anime Every Die Hard Anime Fan Need to Watch


8.) Mezzo Forte

The uncut version takes things to far on a moral level…for those that disagree are pedos. Yasuomi Umetsu who also created Kite made this….I’m pretty sure he is a sadist pervert or a registered sex offender.

9.) Devilman

Based on Gô Nagai’s manga, about mild-mannered teenager Akira Fudô, who merges with a demon to fight other demons. Has a lot of awesome violent action in this! :heart:

10.) Spawn

Now I know this isn’t a japanese anime but still its fucking awesome and violent and bloody and its still an adult animation. It was a HBO series that lasted from 1997 to 1999 so give it props and don’t be a hater. I had to post a video for you to just get a taste. The child is a mute if you were wondering

11.) Princess Mononoke

Granted its not super violent like the others but the fact that this hit major theaters everywhere and it was really violent for a PG-13 film and got a lot of parents upset made it even more awesome. Its a classic and I think its Hayao Miyazaki’s best film. So putting it on this list is my own way of paying my respects to him.

12.) Ghost in The Shell (1995)

This is a classic and it has its brutal moments but overall its pretty violent and I love it, don’t hate.

13.) Street Fighter II

k I was asked got a great story but we don’t feel like writing a script..not a problem lets have our voice actors rant about some random ass shit for a few hours and make it emotional that should do it”. Its sad to see that a lot of people eat that shit up.

14.) Fist of the North Star

Just a badass anime with bloody violence…plus it pretty much stars the anime version of Chuck Norris.

15. Shigurui: Death Frenzy.

Granted this isn’t an oldie but its pretty badass and it is among my favorites from the more modern animes. It really stands alone from the others of its generation. Its a must watch.

16.) Angel Cop

Last but not least its Angel Cop…..watch this anime, just watch it!


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