6 Anime Movies That Will Change the Way You View Anime


5. Paprika

How does one even describe this movie? I honestly think the best way to approach Paprika is by not knowing anything. Just go at the movie blind and watch slowly as it liquefies your brains with its insanity. Not only will Paprika change the way you feel about anime movies, it will change the way you look at all movies.

Original, brave, and trippy as hell, I will not ruin this ride for you by describing it. I will just tell you to take it. Trust me. Oh, and Inception ripped it off. You will even be able to tell from the trailers.

6. 5 Centimeters Per Second

I know the thought of sitting through an animated love story seems a little blah, but this is what makes this medium so remarkable. Were this movie live action, I doubt I would have had any interest. But something about the lush animation made it feel like you are looking at some renaissance painting come to life.

There is two parts to this film, and it is a movie worth seeing (just to prove to yourself you CAN watch and enjoy a romantic movie). Bittersweet at times, but very honest, 5 Centimeters Per Second is the last thing people expect when someone brings up anime movies, which is why it is so perfect to end this list with.

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