Big Mom vs Kaido’s Disaster Queen

In the Prisoner Mine, Hyogoro instructs Luffy about advancing his Busoshoku Haki, telling him to make all the Haki flow through his fist.

Luffy and Hyo continue fighting until night falls, and the Beasts Pirates retire until morning and leave the two in the ring without food. Hyo asks Luffy why he wants to fight Kaido, and after knocking out the remaining guards with Haoshoku Haki, Luffy explains the existence of the Yonko and how he wants to defeat all of them to become the Pirate King like Roger.

Caribou then creeps into the sumo ring, and Raizo appears from within him to explain the situation to Hyogoro. He reveals how his and Kin’emon’s group was sent 20 years into the future, and Luffy is unhappy to see Caribou. Caribou pleads with Luffy to let him serve him, claiming to have changed his ways. Luffy accepts, which secretly scares Caribou even more.

Hyogoro is ecstatic to hear the news of the Kozuki Family’s return and offers to be of service. He then reveals that there are four more sections of the Prisoner Mine that are each as big as the one they are in, and tens of thousands of prisoners are kept there overall.

Most of them are imprisoned solely for rebellion against Orochi, with the old yakuza bosses being here among many others, and this place has served as a breeding ground for hatred and rebellion that the government does not see. Luffy plots to destroy the prison and gain all these allies, though Raizo warns it will not be that simple.

In the nearby wastelands, meanwhile, Big Mom and Chopper’s group has arrived at Udon. Big Mom complains about her great hunger and drowsiness, and Chopper continues to be worried.

Big Mom coming in may result in her going berserk and likely destroying the prison and fighting Queen.

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