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‘Resident Evil Village’ Fans Show Off Impressive Lady Dimitrescu Cosplay

The tall vampire lady in Resident Evil Village is of course the internet’s current obsession, first with fan art and now cosplay: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Bonus:

Dad And Mum Cosplay As Re:Zero’s Rem And Ram

In Japan, two cosplay-loving parents (m_lunchpack and xMiCaNx) decided to dress as Rem and Ram from the series Re:Zero: Translation: Remram as a husband and wife. xMiCaNx/Twitter They asked their son to differentiate them: Translation: Me (Dad): “Who am I?” Son: Papa and…

10 Amazing Genshin Impact Cosplay Works


Game Genshin Impact released in the end of September, there are many popular characters. Many cosplayers has added Genshin Impact cosplay to their cosplay plan. Some cosplayers have already started cosplaying Genshin Impact characters. Here are ten amazing Genshin Impact cosplay works.…