DBS New Manga Confirms Cell As 10th Warrior?

Hey there, fans of Dragon Ball! Today, I want to talk about the Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 31, which is about to come out shortly. The manga is currently about to enter the Tournament of Power, with the Tournament already having been announced. Now, each Universe has to gather warriors for the Tournament, and in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 30, we saw a glimpse of Universe 11, and Jiren.

This chapter, and more specifically, the first page of the upcoming chapter is something that has confused a lot of fans, including me. Please note that this post will have spoilers for the Dragon Ball Super manga. If you’re not okay with being spoiled, I suggest you don’t go ahead with the post. However, if you don’t mind a couple of spoilers, and like to discuss them, then let’s begin. Credits for the image scan, and the translation goes to KenXyro on Twitter.

So, let me get straight to the point. The first page for this month’s Dragon Ball Super manga has Cell on it. That’s right. Cell has appeared in the Dragon Ball Super manga. But does it mean that he will be a part of the manga? Will the Dragon Ball Super manga be different from the anime, and take Cell as the 10th member instead of Freeza? Maybe, it is possible.

Cell appears to be fighting someone in the panel, and looks heavily beaten up. He also says, “Unbelievable! Someone like this could exist…Even my power is no match.” It isn’t clear who it is that Cell is fighting, or if it is a flashback, or new material. Hopefully, it’ll be clear as the chapter comes out. But, right now, nobody really has any idea.

Honestly, I don’t think that’s Cell’s return going to happen for the Tournament of Power. Cell might’ve appeared in the chapter, but, I think it is likely a flashback, and nothing more than that. All we have right now is this panel. I’m sure as we get further panels, or better yet the manga comes out, everything will be clear as day. If it isn’t a flashback, then Dragon Ball Super has taken a big step by reintroducing Cell to the franchise, which I think most fans will be excited about.

In any case, even if Cell doesn’t return for the Tournament of Power, I think this is an indication that Cell might return in the future of the series. Maybe Toyotaro has plans, and this way his way of letting us know that Cell will appear eventually in the Tournament of Power. I would like that to happen very much. I think Freeza was given another appearance in Dragon Ball Super, so Cell certainly does deserve a chance. However, whether it will happen or not is something that isn’t clear at the moment. Yet, things are pointing towards Cell’s epic return.

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