Dragon Ball Super Fans Gather In Latin America For Massive Public Screenings


Dragon Ball Super Fans Gather In Latin America For Massive Public Screenings

Is there any better way to watch your favorite TV show than with 10,000 other fans in a stadium? Based on the reaction to a massive livestream of Dragon Ball Super in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, there likely is not. The city streamed the penultimate episode of Dragon Ball Super publicly on Saturday, March 17, and it wasn’t the only one.

There were several screenings throughout Latin America, including events in Ecuador and El Salvador, all of which attracted massive crowds, based on photos shared via social media. Fans arrived to watch the episode and celebrate the upcoming end of the series before a movie arrives in Japan later in the year.

But there were apparently formal negotiations for the Ciudad Juárez screening.

Loads of fans gathered.

The Ciudad Juárez event apparently attracted ten thousand or more people.

However, Toei Animation–the company behind Dragon Ball Super–was not thrilled about unauthorized screenings of their show. “We have become aware of plans to exhibit episode #130 of Dragon Ball Super in stadiums, plazas, and public places throughout Latin America,” the company wrote in a statement on March 12. “Toei Animation has not authorized these public showings and does not support or sponsor any of these events not do we or any of our titles endorse any institution exhibiting the unauthorized episode.”

It’s also been reported that a letter was sent to the Mexican government from the Japanese embassy, asking that all screenings be suspended. However, local news outlet El Diario de Juárez (via Kotaku) reports that Toei and government officials in Ciudad Juárez were able to come to an agreement ahead of the screening event, authorizing at least that one gathering.

There is still one final episode of Dragon Ball Super to go. Then fans will have to wait until December 14, when the new film releases.


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