Hajime no Ippo 1231 RAW *spoilers*

Hajime no Ippo 1231 RAW *spoilers*

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​Title: “A failure as a professional”

The challenger targets Miyata’s body, and he struggles as a result.

Ippo: “What happened to you Miyata kun…?!”

Round 9 comes to an end.

Crowd: “At this rate, the title holder may change today…”

Imai appears in front of Ippo

Imai: “It’s hard to watch, don’t you think? He’s a failure as a professional.”

Ippo tries his best to defend Miyata, saying that Miyata is giving his best. But Imai rejects Ippo’s claims and says that it’s just whining . As Miyata’s former sparring partner, he knows how terrifying Miyata’s left blow is if he’s emotionally  content with himself.

Imai: “That left arm…it looks like it’s sighing to me…“

Ippo is trembling, “What’s different to his usual weight management? Why is he suffering so much?!”

Imai: “It’s clear! Ippo Makunocihi can’t be found anywhere on the ring anymore.”

The challenger hits Miyata with a tough left blow, and Miyata’s mouth piece jumps out of his mouth.

Miyata: (“Well…this is boredom.”)

Hajime no Ippo 1231 RAW *spoilers*

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