Hajime no Ippo 1232 Spoiler

Miyata: “I want to fight him. Next time, I will make sure to endure it. I will make sure to win! On a professional ring…with him…and yet…Only I am…”

Miyata: “There are no chances of us intersecting…He’s nowhere on the ring…”

Miyata: “You should know it! (To Sendou) You too! (to Mashiba) You too! (to Volg) You too! (to Sawamura) You all know his punch!! That’s why we were able progress quickly.”

Miyata: “I don’t know the Pro Boxer Ippo Makunocihi!”

Announcer: “Ahhh! The opponent won’t allow him to fall down! He pushes him up! One blow after another! He’s determined to finish him off!”

Announcer: “The finishing body blow pierces through his body!!!”

As the opponent looks like he’s about to give the finishing blow, Miyata doesn’t fall down, and says, “Get a hold of yourself.”

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