One Piece Chapter 914 spoilers & Release Date (Early leak due to holiday)

One Piece Chapter 914 spoilers

Cover page of WSJ issue 38 Image

One Piece 914 Spoilers

Title : “ King and queen“

Sanji and co are wandering in a snowy region in Wano

It is called “Yukiguni”

X-Drake appears to be in the same snowy region.

X-Drake is talking with someone via DenDen Mushi that appears to be (Law’s?)

The conversation is about the calamities “King and Queen”

King and queen’s Introduction (double page)

Queen’s bounty is 1.74 billion berries. King’s bounty is 2.15 billion berries

Caribou appears in front of them and is about to spill the information about Shirahoshi to save his life.

Chapter end.

From 5ch. Unconfirmed.
One Piece 914 Release Date, Spoilers

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