Kanojo Okarishimasu 57 Summary

Kanojo Okarishimasu 57 Summary


Kanojo Okarishimasu 57 Summary

Kazuya: Oh no…oh no…!! What is this!! Why…Why…Why am I with Mizuhara in such a place?

They are at a batting centre, and Chizuru is really good at it. Kazuya wonders if he’s allowed to spend time with her without paying no money. Thinking that he’s with her in her private time confuses him where he should look at.

Kazuya: Isn’t this basically a date…!!

Kazuya asks if she comes here often and Chizuru answers that she comes here when she’s irritated. She clarifies to him that this is not a date, and that she only brought her because coming here only as a girl is awkward for her.

Some random guys: Look at that super cute girl. Wanna talk to her? No way. She’s with another guy. What? That’s her boyfriend? How unfitting.

Kazuya is astonished that Chizuru manages to come off charismatic wherever she goes and whatever she does. He realizes that Chizuru was still irritated because of the failing to get the acting role.

Chizuru: You’re still fighting…Mizuhara…

Kazuya asks if she’s really fine with them meeting in private time like this. Chizuru asks if he’s a weird person or not. Kazuya doesn’t understand the point of the question, but says he isn’t a weird guy.

Chizuru: When I think about it calmly, it’s not really your fault that we’re living in the same apartment. So acting so hard hearted towards you is rather rude…So we’re equal from now on. Let’s be fair neighbours from now on!

Kazuya blushes but doesn’t understand what fair neighbours means. They are heading home now, but Chizuru says she wants to go to one more place. Kazuya thinks they will have dinner now. They are at a hospital now. Apparently Chizuru’s grandmother wanted to see Kazuya for a while now.

Chizuru leaves the room to get water for the flowers.

Chizuru’s grandmother: She finally left…Kazuya kun…I wanted to ask a favour to you today…

Kazuya: What?


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