Why We Love Naruto for 15 Years?

Naruto, best-Selling Japanese comic is to end next month after 15 Years. Take a look back at the legendary, popular, alwaying touching manga. What does it show to us and why we love it so much for such a long period of time in our lives?  Alok Kumar Singh on quora tells a heartfelt answer.

1. Character development:

It is because of the awesome character development they have focused upon, during the whole series so far. Every main character portrayed in Naruto series, has his/her own story. They don’t just come and go away. Every character has a dark past behind what they are today. This character development, binds the viewers with the story. They grow along with the character.

2. Antagonists:

Even the villains/antagonists portrayed in this anime series, are likeable because they all have their own well-justified reasons choosing the darker path of destruction and hatred.

Example: Kabuto, Obito

3. Awesomeness of Itachi Uchiha:

This character deserves a special mention in itself. He is full of awesomeness. I also find him incredibly elegant and sad. His whole background story is extremely tragic, yet he chose to sacrifice everything for his village and his little brother.

His jutsu are also amazing. The whole anime goes around the Uchiha clan incident. Itachi made the plot amazing by having everything predicted and pre-calculated. He can take anyone one-on-one, and in terms of the Uchiha Clan one-on-many/most/all.

His techniques are godly especially with his Mangekyou Sharingan abilities. He performs his techniques at an incredible speed as well as having a variety of them from Fire Elements, Water Elements, and Shadow Clones.

Don’t say Naruto can beat him one-on-one because he got owned in Shippuuden. Kakashi got owned in episode 82.Sasuke got owned in 85. Shikamaru would be outmatched. Lee can’t take on theSharingan let alone Mangekyou Sharingan. Even when Gaara had the Shukkaku,Deidara beat him and Itachi can beat Deidara.

4. Lovable and righteous characters like Kakashi Hatake:
Many anime don’t focus on developing the side characters and that is where they lack the most. Naruto series wins here. I personally like the character portrayed by Kakashi Hatake.
He has been shown as a morally righteous, lovable, understanding sensei, smart, dependable and evolving throughout the series. He has witnessed challenging times and loss, and he still came out unscathed, both physically and morally. You are bound to love his story.
5. Deeply developed jutsu structure and variations:
Almost every character has his own unique style of fighting. They have developed wide variation of jutsu which has been explained in simple words for understanding.
Without this simplicity, the anime characters would seem just overloaded with powers and would not generate as much interest as the Naruto series does.
6. Sacrifices given for duty and love:
7. Fight scenes:
Unlike some other anime like One Piece, DBZ, etc. where the fight scenes are slow paced or/and without any tactics, the fight scenes in Naruto are well directed.
The fight scenes are comparatively fast paced and well amount of tactics and strategies are involved in them. At every step the opponents try to gauge the enemies’ fighting ability and how to counter them.
Also, the protagonist is not always fighting alone but rather several comrades are involved and they all have their contribution during the fight scenes. Some suspense is also there to be revealed during this stage as the fight progresses. This is done without taking unnecessary slow sequences.
Plus, the animation is also very good during those scenes. This makes the fight scenes actually interesting and thus bounds the viewers completely. Here below is a video clip of Naruto vs Pain fight scene. Watch it to get the idea.

The storyline is like a save the world, protect your friends and family type of thing. I found the “Naruto” series to be quite enjoyable with adventures and jokes and stuff like that (which was entertaining). The characters in this anime are interesting and you never know what they are thinking, which shows a type of realism in life.

I think some characters’ potentials are not shown to the biggest extent in this show. Characters also have a lot of feeling put into them.

The plot is brilliant in both series. The animation is much better in Naruto Shippuden and the dialogues are simply amazing. The battle scenes and the way Naruto and the rest come up with tactics are marvellous. The characters are ‘awesome’ (can’t think of a better word). There are loads of emotional moments in this series, some that make you laugh, some that make you angry and some that make you cry.

It is also amazing to see the different characters evolve and grow both in maturity as well as in strength. I have even caught myself cheering like a total nerd when a character has learned a new move or went over his own boundaries. However, I feel that the side characters are being neglected in terms of development, since they really can’t compete with the main character’s strength at all after a certain point.

So many amazing characters with such interesting back stories, every fight is so well thought out you don’t know how the next one will top it, music is beautiful and spot on, but I think the best part of it is the story. It incorporates such dark themes, discrimination in a world where everyone actually isn’t equal, and how the characters deal with each other with so many different powers and abilities, is almost overwhelming.

I’m gonna stop now and just say, “Skip the filler episodes”. They are probably the sole reason the ratings aren’t as high as they should be, and they just totally dilute the awesomeness of the real story.


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