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It’s Official, Digimon Is WAY Better Than Pokémon

It's Official, Digimon Is WAY Better Than Pokémon

Possibly one of the biggest arguments amongst anime fans is what’s better: Digimon or Pokémon. Most people will probably say it’s Pokémon, because it’s still on and has all of the merchandise; however, if you really compare the two, Digimon reigns…

Naruto Anime Fillers to End on May 5th

10 Mind-Blowing Naruto Facts You Don’t Know

There is light at the end of the tunnel! Naruto: Shippuden is finally returning to canon material! May 5th’s episode “The Inception” will adapt the 679th chapter of the manga. For clarity, the original manga has 700 chapters. Which means, we might…